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Welcome to the Toyota Material Handling Australia blog and feature articles page. Below you will find experts' opinion pieces and reviews relevant to the Australian forklift industry.

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Toyota SAS: How these six features could save your life Electronic stability control (ESC) is commonplace in modern vehicles; the Australian government made it compulsory for all new vehicles sold from November 2013 to be equipped with some form of ESC. Most drivers may take it for granted... 21/09/2016
INSIGHT - Autonomous Forklifts Will One Day Be An Automatic Choice When you read the newspapers it’s pretty obvious that the next big thing coming in the car industry is automation, and at a level we’ve never experienced before. So-called self-driving cars are well and truly in prototype production... 14/09/2016
Have You Seen These Tow Tractors? If you’ve been to an airport anywhere in the world there’s a very good chance you’ve seen one of these awesome little vehicles. They’re called tow tractors or tow tugs and are used for transporting your baggage and cargo, general transport of ground ... 03/08/2016
How To Be Seen: Top Tips For Warehouse Pedestrians The transport, postal and warehousing industry is frequently listed as one of the most dangerous occupations for workplace injury or death. Putting safety first has always been a high priority when developing our Toyota forklifts... 27/07/2016
INSIGHT (5) Investment in Training It’s always been the case that selling a good product at a competitive price is only part of the story – but now more than ever providing the best after-sales service and back-up is of critical importance. Our customers expect much more than just a ... 19/07/2016
Spotlight on Famous Forklifts With warehousing and materials handling sometimes regarded as the ‘background’ to many industries, it’s easy to forget how important these vehicles are in the scheme of modern business. For those in the industry, forklifts pass by as... 12/07/2016
What You Need To Know About Operating In Winter Months Cold weather means more than simply throwing an extra hi-vis jacket into the ute on the way to work and bringing out the thermos to keep your coffee piping hot in the warehouse.... 05/07/2016
INSIGHT (4) Top 5 Crucial EOFY Tips For Your Business The end of financial year usually signifies a busy time of retail sales, the completion of bookkeeping and a time for reflection and planning for your business’s fiscal... 28/06/2016
INSIGHT (3) New IT System A Big Win For Our Customers Ongoing controversy about the service efficiency of Australia’s NBN highlights both the opportunities and risks that exist in the roll-out of new IT systems... 15/06/2016
TMHA Reaches 2,000 Likes With A Renewed Focus On Social Media (1) TMHA is focusing on social media activity to engage with owners and operators online and recently celebrated reaching 2000 likes on Facebook... 22/06/2016
What Will Driverless Forklifts Mean For Your Warehouse? There’s been much talk recently about the advent of driverless forklifts, or automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and what they mean for the material handling industry. Some operators may think this will be the end of traditional manual operation... 25/05/2016
Watch: The Toyota Research and Development Process New product development is an exciting process where we take what we’ve learned from our research and customer feedback and produce products designed to meet future demand. 18/05/2016
Tips To Help Get The Most From Your Forklift Fleet Whether you have one or one thousand forklifts in your operation, these tips will help you lift your game and gain your company some palatable results... 11/05/2016
How To Clean Your Forklift Forklifts are often treated simply as a tool, left to the elements and expected to carry out any task asked of them. Like any vehicle, however, sometimes a little bit of TLC can go a long way... 04/05/2016
INSIGHT (2) During 2016 Toyota Material Handling Australia intends to establish a new sales channel exclusively for our rebuilt and refurbished forklifts. The goal is to have one such outlet in every capital city, independent of our new forklift sales centres...... 29/04/2016
Purchasing v Renting - Which Is Best For You? There is simply no textbook answer to the question ‘should I purchase or rent a forklift?’. There are a few points to consider when deciding which route is the best one for your company since numerous factors determine the need for material handling ... 20/04/2016
Forklift Battery Care Tips Installing a new forklift battery is not as simple as replacing the batteries in a TV remote control. If you’ve ever seen the sheer size of the battery in your battery-electric forklift, you would realise that these batteries are made to last a long ... 13/04/2016
Which Type Of Forklift Fuel Is Right For You? There are many fuel types for forklifts but do you know what the advantages of each are? The type of application you have may determine whether you purchase a diesel, gas (LPG) or battery-electric forklift... 08/04/2016
INSIGHT (1) You've got to love a Toyota innovation! In my view there was probably never a time when it was enough just to sell a good product. Today, more than ever, all the parameters of Enterprise Resource Planning come into play to ensure that the sale is onl... 30/03/2016
How To Get The Most From Your Forklift Battery Recent figures show that battery-electric forklifts accounted for over half of all new forklifts sold last year. However, many battery-electric forklift owners don’t know how to correctly maintain their battery for maximum results... 16/03/2016

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