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Toyota's range of electric forklifts have zero operating emissions and are environmentally friendly. Their high productivity and innovative technology will help supercharge your business.

What is an Electric Forklift?

Built with durability, efficiency, and quality top of mind, Toyota’s electric forklifts are designed to help you tackle all of your material handling needs. Our electric forklifts are used in a wide variety of applications, including manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, beverage, and retail, and our indoor and outdoor options are made to increase your efficiency and help you get the job done.

Electric forklifts run on a battery that serves as both the counterweight to stabilise the equipment while in use as well as the power source. In addition, the battery aids to protect the environment with zero operating emissions and rechargeable capabilities. Toyota electric forklifts can utilise various power sources depending on the need. These features not only make this forklift appealing for quiet, comfortable operation, but ideal in maximising productivity with power and maneuverability.


Why Choose an Electric Forklift?

Toyota’s electric forklifts are not only designed to protect the environment but they are made with fewer moving parts, making them easier to maintain and less likely to experience wear and tear.

Many Toyota electric forklift models are designed with AC-power allowing for increased uptime and decreased maintenance. Coupled with Toyota's legendary reliability and world-leading safety, they are the smart choice for a zero operating emissions material handling option.

Toyota's top-of-the-range, heavy-duty electric forklift models are available in lifting capacities of up to 8 tonnes making them a true alternative to engine-powered forklifts.


Types of Electric Forklifts

Electric Pallet Jacks: Used in various industries such as food, beverage and retail are perfectly suited for applications that don’t necessarily require large sit-down options.

Walkie Stackers: Electric walkie stackers have the capability to lift loads for storing them on raised platforms, such as racking or shelving. 

Order Pickers: Order pickers can easily manoeuvre narrow aisles in warehouses and with low, medium and high level types available they can reach heights of up to 10.5m platform height.

Reach Forklifts: Used in applications where operators need to move pallets in and out of racking that can be one pallet or two pallets deep; suitable for a variety of industries such as warehouses, distribution centres and manufacturing plants.

Very Narrow Aisle: Ideal for tight spaces where space is at a premium, these space savers are available in  man-up or man-down versions with fixed or articulated chassis to optimise storage space.

Battery-Electric Counterbalance: Available in either 3 or 4 wheel versions, the 3 wheel version is particularly suited where applications require maximum manoeuvreability with the 4 wheel version available in a lifting capacity up to 8 tonne. 

Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGV's): Offer advanced, flexible automation solutions with minimised damage costs and improved labour efficiencies, allowing operators to be repurposed for more value add tasks.

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