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If you are after a forklift to hire or rent for one day, or for up to five years, Toyota Material Handling has a forklift hire solution for you. We offer an extensive range of forklifts available with either short or long term hire / rental options. Talk to us today!

  • When you have to make every cent count without lessening productivity, renting from Toyota Material Handling is the smart choice.

    There's never been a better time to rent a forklift from Toyota Material Handling.

    The benefits of renting a forklift from Toyota Material Handling:

    1. We have Australia's largest forklift rental fleet with over 24,500 forklifts
    2. We provide forklift rentals from 1 day to 5 years with flexible finance options available
    3. We manufacture and retail world leading forklift products renowned for quality, durability and reliability
    4. We offer the complete range from hand pallet jacks up to specialised narrow aisle warehouse forklift and material handling equipment
    5. We support you with a national factory-owned branch network with tailored forklift servicing and parts back-up
    6. We are the world's largest forklift rental company and with that comes the expected level of expertise and trusted Toyota reputation that can truly help your business
    7. With over 50 years of supporting Australian forklift users - we are here for the long run so if you want to make the smart choice, call Toyota Material Handling today.

  • Toyota Material Handling offers a complete range of forklift hire and rental plans

    For some businesses, hiring or renting forklifts makes more sense than buying it outright.

    If you are after a forklift to rent for one day, or for up to five years, Toyota Material Handling has a rental  solution for you. We offer an extensive range of forklifts and warehouse equipment available with either short or long term rental options. Maximise flexibility with our fleet rental/management programmes - your fleet can change to match your needs. 

    With rental, you know and control your forklift budget in advance and optimise operating costs by adjusting your fleet size to the minimum number of units needed. And you can adapt your forklift fleet to sudden peaks in demand, based on unforeseen circumstances.

    Toyota Material Handling's forklift rental agreements are tailor made to your specific requirements. Long Term forklift rentals give you all the benefits of use with none of the risks of ownership. Short Term forklift rental solutions can help you react immediately to a situation with a predicted cost. Other benefits include a single point of contact and simplified fleet management.

    Our forklift rental programme is backed by the strength and flexibility of our branch network. Whether you need short, medium or long-term rental, we are your partner for cost-effective, peace-of-mind solutions.

    So whatever your forklift rental needs, contact your local Toyota Material Handling representative.


    • Minimal capital outlay - usually just monthly payments
    • Flexible terms
    • Access to the most up-to-date forklifts
    • Offers the advantage of using a forklift for peak periods instead of long term financial commitment
    • All scheduled forklift service and maintenance may be included in the monthly rate
    Toyota Material Handling offers a complete range of forklift hire and rental plans

    TMH has the forklift equipment to suit your needs

  • TEN Reasons to rent forklifts from Toyota Material Handling!
    1. Long Term Forklift Rental includes all fair wear and tear items and repairs over the life of the agreement, which avoids unscheduled out of pocket expenses.
    2. Long Term Forklift Rental enables you to work with a minimal amount of equipment reducing the need for spare or surplus equipment. Should the need arise Toyota Material Handling can provide Short Term Rental equipment for peak periods and seasonal requirements.
    3. A Long Term Forklift Rental agreement is not required to be displayed as a liability in company financial statements, whereas leases under accounting standards ASRB1008 require Balance Sheet disclosure.
    4. Cashing in an existing fleet will free up substantial capital, which can be better utilised to promote growth within your business.
    5. Toyota Material Handling Term Rental System delivers operating costs on an annual basis, simplifying budgeting and cost control.
    6. Term Rental provides an edge on inflation operating with today's costs in tomorrow's environment.
    7. Rental provides the means to obtain the latest technology improving operator satisfaction, WH&S and overall efficiencies.
    8. Your business's valuable management time and skills will be freed up to concentrate on your core business activities.
    9. Toyota Material Handling provide over 24,500 units through our Term Rental System with in excess of 3,500 forklift units allocated to Short Term Rental Nationwide.
    10. Partnering with Toyota Material Handling, a company committed to delivering outstanding customer service to your business via our dedicated 800+ staff, quality poducts and maximum uptime, just another great Toyota Advantage.
    TEN Reasons to rent forklifts from Toyota Material Handling!

    Toyota Material Handling has the equipment to suit your needs

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