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For over 50 years Toyota Material Handling has been proudly partnering Australian business with our leading range of Toyota forklifts and associated products. Our 100% national branch network comprises over 850 staff, all committed to delivering outstanding customer service.

  • About Toyota Material Handling

    Welcome to the home of Toyota Material Handling, Australia's exclusive retailer of new Toyota forklifts!

    The World's number one forklift brand*, Toyota Material Handling has been at the forefront of the Australian materials handling market and a pioneer in making forklifts more productive, safer and cost-effective for over 50 years. And whilst we are proud of being a market leader, our commitment and support for our customers has always extended well beyond just the supply of new products.

    Our national 100% owned network of Toyota Material Handling Australia branches means that when you partner with us, you are dealing directly with the factory. We have over 800 staff, with over 450 of those involved in service and parts support to maximise uptime of your equipment. Coupled with our 300+ mobile service vans, we are dedicated to delivering you the highest levels of customer service possible. Our service commitment is driven by our dedication to continuous improvement or ‘Kaizen’ – one of the core pillars of the Toyota way of doing business.

    We work every day to deliver practical services and innovative solutions that produce real, bottom line benefits for Australian businesses. We recognise that choosing the right supplier is just as important as selecting the forklifts and warehouse equipment that most completely meet your needs. Whether we are supplying a single spare part or helping to manage your entire fleet, our objective and commitment remains the same – adding value to your operation.

    That’s the Toyota Advantage.

    Toyota Material Handling has the widest range of Toyota forklifts and battery-electric warehouse products available in Australia, ensuring that whatever your requirements we have a suitable material handling solution. If you are after a new Toyota forklift sale or purchase, forklift rental or hire, or a used forklift, we can assist with your requirements. Within Australia, over 80,000 Toyota forklifts have been sold, and the brand has been the Australian counter-balance forklift market leader since 1987. Toyota's selection of internal combustion and battery-electric counterbalance forklifts range from 0.9 tonnes right up to a massive 24.0 tonnes, plus a comprehensive range of AGV's (driverless forklifts). We have Australia's largest forklift rental fleet with over 30,000 forklifts available for short or long term rental periods.

    Toyota's range of forklift products are developed by personnel who can utilise the advantages of Toyota's advanced manufacturing technologies, and built to the same exceptional standards of quality and reliability as the company's automotive products. These two components are the key to Toyota Material Handling's success, and a major reason why so many customers continue to buy Toyota Material Handling products time and time again.

    In addition to our range of forklifts and warehouse equipment, Toyota Material Handling Australia also distributes the Toyota range of Huski skid steer loaders, Huski mini-excavators and Huski scissor lifts, along with tow tractors, lift platforms, sweepers and scrubbers, and Taylor Dunn electric vehicles.

    We also offer a comprehensive range of finance solutions available to finance your next Toyota Material Handling purchase, learn more here or email a Finance team member at   huskifinance@finmanager.com.au for more information.

    * dhf Intralogistik online / magazine 2023

    About Toyota Material Handling

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  • Our National Branch Network

    Toyota Material Handling Australia's commitment to customer satisfaction extends nationwide, thanks to one of the finest branch networks in Australia. There are major Toyota Material Handling outlets for forklift sales and rentals located throughout every state of Australia. We have over 850 staff, with over 450 of those involved in service and parts support to maximise uptime of your equipment. Coupled with our 300+ mobile service vans, we are dedicated to delivering you the highest levels of customer service possible.

    Our main Toyota Material Handling branches are located in the below areas -

    For a complete list of Toyota Material Handling branches for Toyota forklift sales, service, hire, rental and parts please click here.

    • Toyota Material Handling is your source for short-term and long-term Toyota forklift rentals. Participating Toyota Material Handling branches also offer flexible lease and finance options to qualified customers through Toyota Financial Services (TFS) for added value. TFS offers a comprehensive range of solutions for the financing of Toyota Material Handling equipment, including lease, short and long-term rental, business vehicle loan and term purchase.
    • And not only can we facilitate the sale and rental of new Toyota forklifts, we can also assist when designing your new warehouse. Our team of material handling solution experts can assist in identifying the optimum warehouse layout to maximise efficiency and forklift productivity.
    Our National Branch Network

    Toyota Material Handling's branch network is here for you!

  • Free Site Assessment Of Your Premises

    Toyota Material Handling can help provide solutions to your material handling requirements with a free, no obligation inspection at your premises.

    We can help resolve issues such as:

    • Equipment not fit for purpose
    • High incidence of breakdowns
    • Compliance issues for forklifts and or attachments
    • Poor utilisation of equipment
    • High cost of maintenance or poor service schedules

    Things to consider when deciding to buy or rent a forklift - 

    What type of goods that you are handling?

    A good starting point is to look at what type of goods that you are handling. Make sure to analyse the following:

    • Goods: which type of material are you handling? Take into account their weight and size, as this is a significant aspect that determines the type of truck. Do you work with one type of pallet size, or is there a variation in size which requires flexibility? Are the loads small individual items or bulky pallets?
    • Storage: how are your goods distributed throughout the warehouse? FIFO (first in, first out) processes have different requirements than LIFO (last in, first out), for example.
    • Stacking: is that possible with your type of goods? Think about whether your goods allow for the pallets to be stacked on top of each other and/or in racking, or if you simply need to transport the goods horizontally.
    • Racking: what are the dimensions? Measure not only the height, but also the depth of your racking or shelves. This way you know how high your forklift needs to lift to reach the highest level of the rack. 

    What is the design of your warehouse?

    • Do your operations take place indoors or outdoors? If you need trucks to be driving outdoors you also need to make sure that they are fit to work in different weather conditions. Lets look at the design of your warehouse.
    • Ceilings: How high can you raise a mast? Not just the height of the ceiling matters, but especially elements that are located lower, such as sprinklers and pipes. Always make sure to measure and take the lowest ceiling height into account.
    • Ports & doors: how high and wide are they? Measure them in both ways to guarantee the trucks you end up selecting can easily pass through, without damaging the chassis or warehouse infrastructure.
    • Aisles: Measure the width and length of all the pathways. Also check the material and condition of the floor. What is it made of and can it take to the loading? Is it smooth and are there any slopes?
    • Distance: do you need to drive long distances with your goods? Or do you simply need equipment to execute a simple movement of the material? Take into account the driving distance and frequency. 

    Please keep in mind that this is a material handling guide only. For information regarding the forklift solution which best fits your application please call us on 1800 425 438 to arrange your free site inspection and material handling equipment review.

    Free Site Assessment Of Your Premises

    Call us on 1800 425 438 for your free site inspection

  • Environmental Initiatives

    Toyota Material Handling is committed to responsible environmental policies and the development of processes to reduce forklift emission levels. By employing automobile technologies, cleaner and powerful engines have been developed. Advanced Toyota technology also ensures lower noise and vibration levels, and reduced fuel consumption levels.

    Toyota Material Handling actively positions environmental preservation as one of its top priority management issues, and continuously sets environmental goals, and creates plans to achieve them.

    Toyota has continued improving the level of exhaust emissions from its engines. Our environmental activities are underpinned by its Environmental Action Plan and Environmental Management Systems.
    The Toyota Industries Group will continue to set challenging targets aimed at further reducing the environmental impact of its business activities, listening carefully to voices of its stakeholders such as customers, and acting in compliance with the letter and spirit of laws and regulations.

    The Toyota Industries Group will continuously improve its environmental management, placing environmental activities among its highest priorities. In particular, the company will give priority to the following items.

    Curb global warming: Aiming to reduce energy consumption and the output of greenhouse gases through the entire lifecycle of its products, services, and production activities

    Use resources more efficiently: Utilising raw materials, water, and other resources efficiently while working to reduce, reuse, and recycle waste products

    Reduce environmental risk factors: Reducing the use and output of harmful chemical substances of concern while evaluating environmental risk factors at the planning stage of business activity in order to prevent pollution
    The Toyota Industries Group will aim to foster greater communication and teamwork within a wide range of partnerships, including those with customers and suppliers, in order to promote sustainable management of the environment. In addition, the Toyota Industries Group will act as an upstanding corporate citizen, taking an active part in the planning of activities that contribute to various regional communities as well as to our global society.

    Furthermore, we are committed to comply with standards required by relevant environmental legislation and regulations.

    Toyota's R&D division have made natural resource conservation and environmental protection corporate-wide commitments. By employing automobile technologies, cleaner and powerful engines for industrial equipment have been developed. In addition to lowering noise, exhaust emissions, vibration and fuel consumption, advanced filter and converter technology ensures cleaner emissions from diesel and gasoline engines.

    Toyota's commitment to the environment is evident in the eco-friendly management systems that are used in our production facilities (ex. ISO 14001 obtained by Takahama Plant).
    This commitment extends to our products:

    - We are committed to developing battery-powered forklifts with the same performance levels as IC models.
    - DPF-II (Diesel Particulate Filter) used to reduce emissions from diesel engines.
    - 3-way Catalytic Converter System used to reduce harmful emissions from diesel engines.
    - Vehicles, which run on clean energy such as LPG or CNG (compressed natural gas), emitting extremely low levels of SOx, which is a major cause of global warming and acid rain.
    - Plus every Toyota forklift is manufactured to be 99% recyclable.


    Environmental Initiatives

    View now - Toyota initiatives to contribute to the harmonious and sustainable development of society and the earth through all business activities that we carry out

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