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In order to optimise efficiency and flexibility in your warehouse, we offer different types of automated solutions. Automated products from Toyota can help to minimise damage and labour costs, while offering operator's tasks with more added value.

  • Optimise your operations with Toyota's Automation Solutions

    Reason to automate your operations -

    • Time is money: these days everything needs to go faster and cheaper. And of course in your operations you want this to happen in a safe way. Because let’s face it, who can afford to waste resources or slow down these days? So why not consider automating all repetitive tasks?
    • Optimise your flow of goods: automation contributes to a consistent workflow with efficient driving behaviour. Intelligent order and fleet software minimises transport distance and avoids clustering, improving productivity in your operations, 24/7.
    • Increase the safety: automated forklifts are equipped with state-of-the-art safety laser scanners which detect any obstacle and stop when needed. This secures a safe working environment, even when working closely to humans.
    • Minimise damage: the highly accurate navigation and detection systems of automated warehouse forklifts will avoid causing damage to your goods, infrastructure and forklifts. This will also decrease your damage and service costs.
    • Optimise your use of staff: by having automated forklifts doing the repetitive work, your workers become available to handle more complex tasks with added value.
    • Increase your energy efficiency: Charging of these forklifts can be done automatically with Lithium-ion batteries, which don’t require any maintenance or human involvement. 

    Which operations can be automated?

    • End-of-Line Transport: Servicing robotic palletisers and wrapping machines to complete the automation of the production line.
    • Goods Receiving & Raw Material Handling: Just-in-time delivery of raw materials to production processes ensuring they are always up and running.
    • Long-distance pallet transport: Horizontal transport of heavy loads between work stations
    • Block Stacking: Stacking in blocks for compact storage and retrieval
    • High-level Storage: Storing and retrieving goods at height within small to large scale warehouses
    • Towing: delivering parts just in time between work stations
    • Light Item Handling: Horizontal transport up to 5000Kg
    • High-density Storage: Pallet transport in racking

    Optimise your operations with Toyota's Automation Solutions

    Click above to watch video! Toyota'a Automation Solutions offer safe, productve and labour efficient solutions

  • System Solutions - Automated Warehouse Trucks

    The Autopilot is available in different models depending on your operation: horizontal transportation, (block) stacking or towing. These driverless trucks take over repetitive work between production lines and storage areas or conveyor systems. They guarantee safety thanks to advanced  laser technology and are based on the standard truck designs, so they can also be driven in manual mode. The Autopilot range comes with reliable life-cycle service and system support for maximum availability.



    System Solutions - Automated Warehouse Trucks

    Click above to watch video! Item handling and just-in-time delivery are key for manufacturing sites, and easily automated with the Autopilot range from Toyota.

  • System Solutions - T-ONE
    • Intelligent Automation Software
    • Optimise – Navigate – Execute
    • In-House Developed

    T-ONE is installed as an integration layer communicating with the Toyota Autopilot automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and your existing infrastructure such as warehouse management systems, goods identification and other material handling equipment. The intelligent software offers operational robustness and optimises warehouse resource utilisation. Offering you flexibility, smooth integration and a continuous flow of your operations.


    System Solutions - T-ONE

    Click above to watch video! T-ONE (Optimise – Navigate – Execute)

  • System Solutions - Semi-automated load carrier
    • Automated Pallet Movement
    • Suitable for Cold & Wet Environments
    • Up to 1800Kg

    The Toyota Radioshuttle is a semi-automated high-speed load carrier that works in specialised Toyota racking and is guided with a remote control, while the placement and retrieval of the pallets can be done by a reach truck or counterbalance truck. The shuttles enable high-density storage and a maximised number of pallet locations, saving space and cost.

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