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You will find some great offers here. Please check back as new offers are regularly advertised. Please contact your local Toyota Material Handling branch for more information.

  • Discover the Power of Lithium-Ion with our LHE150 and LWI160 electric pallet jacks!

    Now is the time to discover the power of lithium-ion with the TMHA LHE150 and Toyota LWI160 electric pallet jacks. With zero operating emissions and super sharp pricing, there’s never been a better time to buy.

    TMHA LHE150 ELECTRIC PALLET JACK - NOW ONLY $2,400* (excluding GST and delivery)
    The LHE150’s compact design is perfect for light applications in confined areas such as retail, shops and warehouses. With an ergonomic design it can be manoeuvred effortlessly and features a maintenance free lithium-ion battery. It's an ideal upgrade from a manual hand pallet jack.

    Click here to visit the TMHA LHE150 electric pallet jack product page


    TOYOTA LWI160 ELECTRIC PALLET JACK NOW ONLY $8,400* (excluding GST and delivery)
    Toyota’s LWI160 is light, easy to use and ideal for loading docks, back of stores, or distribution centres. Powered by a modular lithium-ion battery it’s a compact electric pallet jack that is easy to charge and energy efficient.

    Click here to visit the Toyota LWI160 electric pallet jack product page

    *Prices listed are applicable only on LHE150 and LWI160 (50 a/h lithium-ion battery) electric pallet
    jacks with standard specifications and are subject to change if additional specifications are ordered.
    Prices listed are subject to change without notice and prices prevailing at the time of delivery shall
    apply. All prices exclude delivery which will be an additional cost and subject to purchaser location.
    Images used for illustration purposes only.

  • The Federal Government's instant asset write-off threshold has been extended to June 2023. This means that there's never been a better time to buy a Toyota Material Handling product!


    Thinking of buying assets for your business before end of financial year? Maybe a new forklift, sweeper, lift platform, skid steer loader, scissor lift or an electric vehicle from our Taylor-Dunn range?


    On 6 October 2020, as part of the 2020–21 Budget, the government announced that it will target support to businesses and encourage new investment, in part through a temporary full expensing incentive.

    This measure is now law.

    Eligible businesses can claim an immediate deduction for the business portion of the cost of an asset in the year the asset is first used or installed ready for use.

    Instant asset write-off can be used for:

    • multiple assets, if the cost of each individual asset is less than the relevant threshold
    • new and second-hand assets.

    If you are a small business, you will need to apply the simplified depreciation rules in order to claim the instant asset write-off. It cannot be used for assets that are excluded from those rules.

    The instant asset write-off eligibility criteria and threshold have changed over time. You need to check your business's eligibility and apply the correct threshold amount depending on when the asset was purchased, first used or installed ready for use.

    Recent changes

    For assets first used or installed ready for use between 12 March 2020 until 30 June 2021, and purchased by 31 December 2020, the instant asset write-off:

    • threshold amount for each asset is $150,000 (up from $30,000)
    • eligibility extends to businesses with an aggregated turnover of less than $500 million (up from $50 million).

    From 7.30pm AEDT on 6 October 2020 until 30 June 2023, temporary full expensing allows a deduction for:

    • the business portion of the cost of new eligible depreciating assets for businesses with an aggregated turnover under $5 billion or for corporate tax entities that satisfy the alternative test
    • the business portion of the cost of eligible second-hand assets for businesses with an aggregated turnover under $50 million
    • the balance of a small business pool at the end of each income year in this period for businesses with an aggregated turnover under $10 million.

    Remember, registered tax agents can help you with your tax.

    *For more information visit Instant asset write-off | Australian Taxation Office (

    Please note: The information provided is of a general nature and does not take into account your personal needs and financial circumstances. Nothing constitutes or should be considered to constitute legal, taxation or financial advice. Before making a decision about any of the products or services featured, you should consult with your own independent legal, taxation and financial advisors, who can advise you about your personal circumstances. For more information please visit or speak to your tax agent/accountant.

  • Huski Mini-Excacavator Plated Stock Clearout*


    Right now score a great deal on selected new 2020 and 2021 plated Huski M-28U / M-38U / M-55U / M-60U mini-excavators. There’s never been a better time to buy a new Huski mini excavator.

    *Applies to orders made on new Huski M-28U / M-38U / M-55U / M-60U mini-excavator 2020/21 plated floor stock models and ordered prior to 31st August 2022; available to private buyers only. Offers subject to change without notice and whilst stocks last. Images used for illustration purposes. For more information contact your Toyota Material Handling branch. Toyota Material Handling is committed to protecting your privacy. If you wish to receive no further marketing communications from or on behalf of Toyota Material Handling, or to gain access to and correct your personal information please call 1800 812 460. Please note, Toyota Material Handling may disclose personal information to marketing communication suppliers. Please refer to our privacy policy at

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