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INSIGHT - Toyota AGVs Help Streamline Bega Dairy And Drinks


In a COVID-affected world, logistical efficiency is everything – tight staffing levels can set any business back and create a supply backlog that is hard to recover from.

Luckily, here at Toyota Material Handling Australia (TMHA), we have several different Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) solutions that can help keep the warehouses of today and tomorrow running like clockwork.

AGVs, also known as “driverless” forklifts, can help to minimise damage and improve labour efficiencies. By having driverless forklifts doing repetitive work, your workers become available to handle more complex tasks with added value.

In order to optimise efficiency and flexibility in warehouses, TMHA offer different types of automated solutions, as one of our valued customers Bega Diary and Drinks recently implemented.

Given that much of Bega’s product is perishable with a short shelf life, smooth warehouse operation is of paramount importance for this famous Australian company.

One of the Toyota AGV products used by Bega at their Wetherill Park distribution centre is our Toyota RAE “Autopilot” Reach Forklift, which looks and feels like a regular Toyota reach forklift but with the significant benefit of hybrid manual/automated (driverless) operation.

Along with the ability to run autonomously, the RAE Autopilot forklifts can also be overridden and operated manually – perfect for situations where an operator may come across a non-conforming pallet or load.

Bega network operations manager Nicholas Adams noted that the RAE Autopilot machines brought a higher level of reliability, along with helping to contribute to a safer work environment.

A necessity considering that Bega’s Wetherill Park DC sends out around 20 B-double loads of product every day, translating to picking around 1.5 million litres per week.

Toyota AGVs are a perfect solution for a post-COVID world where automation will play an ever-increasing role in warehousing and logistics.

Here at TMHA we are keen to work with any business looking to take their first step on the automation journey or are looking to streamline their warehouse processes. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions on our Toyota AGV driverless forklifts.


For more on if a Toyota automation solution is right for your business, please visit the link below -


This article was first printed in the April edition of MHD Supply Chain Solutions.

Toyota AGV driverless forklifts at Bega’s Wetherill Park DC.

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