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Welcome to the Toyota Material Handling Australia blog and feature articles page. Below you will find experts' opinion pieces and reviews relevant to the Australian forklift industry.

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INSIGHT - TMHA growing grassroots skills with record apprentice intake We at Toyota Material Handling Australia (TMHA) consistently foster young talent in our business – in fact we initiated our apprentice program more than a decade ago, so it was highly rewarding... 23/04/2019
INSIGHT - Toyota debuts automated Toyota BT reach forklift at Auspack 2019 In another exciting demonstration of how Toyota Material Handling Australia (TMHA) is bringing leading-edge technology to the local market, we for the first time publicly showcased our automated Toyota BT RAE160 reach forklift... 27/03/2019
INSIGHT - Toyota turret trucks a cool choice for air-con maker In a display of how Toyota Material Handling Australia (TMHA) can partner with our customers to assist in achieving efficiencies, we recently consulted with National air-conditioning manufacturer ActronAir... 22/02/2019
INSIGHT - TMHA tips for 2019 business efficiency With the new year arrived, it’s timely to consider concepts and practices your business can observe to lift the efficiency and longevity of your forklift fleet... 17/01/2019
INSIGHT - Toyota Hydrogen Forklifts Charge Down Under In another remarkable example of Toyota Material Handling Australia receiving the latest technologies shared from the Toyota Group’s automotive arm, a pair of hydrogen fuel cell-powered forklifts... 21/11/2018
INSIGHT - TMHA Heavily Modifies Forklift For Worker When you think of forklifts, you commonly expect drivers to be big, burly men, often squeezed into a tight forklift cabin. However, as with most things in life, perceived stereotypes can be far from reality... 16/10/2018
INSIGHT - Our Future, After 50 Years Of History Fresh from 50th anniversary celebrations for Toyota forklift sales in Australia, Toyota Material Handling Australia (TMHA) is poised for even more exciting times as new technologies create greater efficiencies, cost-savings and improved operator safe... 14/09/2018
INSIGHT - Reflections on TMHA’s 50th Anniversary Fifty years of Toyota forklift sales in Australia is a significant milestone for Toyota Material Handling Australia (TMHA). Looking at the world material-handling market, the USA is the largest. But TMHA is an impressive eighth... 22/8/2018
INSIGHT - National Skills Competition / National Sales & Service Awards It was impressive to see the countless hours of technician study and practice put to the test by Toyota Material Handling Australia (TMHA) during our recently held National Skills Competition.... 16/7/2018
INSIGHT - Toyota Production System Recently we caught up with TMHA director of sales Cameron Paxton for a chat on how the Toyota Production System benefits customers... 22/6/2018
INSIGHT - Top 5 Crucial EOFY Tips For Your Business The end of financial year usually signifies a busy time of retail sales, the completion of bookkeeping and a time for reflection and planning for your business’s fiscal... 20/05/2018
INSIGHT - Sales Director Interview (April) Recently we caught up with TMHA director of sales Cameron Paxton for a chat. Cameron has had a front-row seat for the extraordinary growth of the Toyota forklift business in Australia and was especially keen to talk about the Toyota Advantage... 20/4/2018
How can automated forklifts simply optimise your warehouse? Time is money: these days everything needs to go faster & cheaper. And of course in your warehouse you want this to happen in a safe way. Because let’s face it, who can afford to waste resource or slow down operations these days? So why not consider ... 15/03/2018
The Australian Pallet Story They are the unappreciated material handling component. They work hard, require no servicing and can even be recycled when they reach the end of their serviceable lifespan. In Australia, they comprise 10 equal-length slats of wood stapled or nailed t... 28/09/2016
Toyota SAS: How these six features could save your life Electronic stability control (ESC) is commonplace in modern vehicles; the Australian government made it compulsory for all new vehicles sold from November 2013 to be equipped with some form of ESC. Most drivers may take it for granted... 21/09/2016
INSIGHT - Autonomous Forklifts Will One Day Be An Automatic Choice When you read the newspapers it’s pretty obvious that the next big thing coming in the car industry is automation, and at a level we’ve never experienced before. So-called self-driving cars are well and truly in prototype production... 14/09/2016
Have You Seen These Tow Tractors? If you’ve been to an airport anywhere in the world there’s a very good chance you’ve seen one of these awesome little vehicles. They’re called tow tractors or tow tugs and are used for transporting your baggage and cargo, general transport of ground ... 03/08/2016
How To Be Seen: Top Tips For Warehouse Pedestrians The transport, postal and warehousing industry is frequently listed as one of the most dangerous occupations for workplace injury or death. Putting safety first has always been a high priority when developing our Toyota forklifts... 27/07/2016
INSIGHT (5) Investment in Training It’s always been the case that selling a good product at a competitive price is only part of the story – but now more than ever providing the best after-sales service and back-up is of critical importance. Our customers expect much more than just a ... 19/07/2016
Spotlight on Famous Forklifts With warehousing and materials handling sometimes regarded as the ‘background’ to many industries, it’s easy to forget how important these vehicles are in the scheme of modern business. For those in the industry, forklifts pass by as... 12/07/2016

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