INSIGHT - Forklift Fleet Management Made Simple With I_Site

By Steve Takacs, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Toyota Material Handling Australia


You've got to love a Toyota innovation!

In my view there was probably never a time when it was enough just to sell a good product. Today, more than ever, all the parameters of Enterprise Resource Planning come into play to ensure that the sale is only one part of the relationship we build with our customers.

We're constantly on the lookout for new solutions. Less than four years ago Toyota Material Handling devised, patented and introduced one of the world's leading on-board forklift fleet management systems.

Toyota I_Site was developed in Europe to provide a real-time GPS wireless on-machine monitoring and management protocol which reduces cost, increases productivity and brings great improvement to health and safety outcomes.

The back-to-base machine-mounted system provides owners with quality reporting of all operating procedures - hence the brand name I_Site!

Now it's been made even better with the inclusion of Australian suggestions, with more than 6000 fleet management units in operation with Toyota customers worldwide.

Our customers say it's stunning in its application. When drivers log on either with a swipe card or using a key pad they can be given full functionality.

That's a bonus when you're hiring part-time drivers who don't know your equipment or your warehouse. You get the job done under greater control and with greater safety.

We've improved I_Site by introducing an online pre-operational check in which the operator answers a series of yes and no questions about the forklift's current condition - which is handy if they later have a bump or a breakdown.

Our system runs a licence currency check and alerts the owner and the operator if they're getting close to renewal.

At TMHA we're multi-channelled across new and used sales, service, parts and most importantly rental fleet operation. I_Site links them together and all equipment can be seen on the one web portal.

In servicing our big corporate and major fleets we've been able to compare the performance of identical forklifts, sometimes on different sites, even in different states, and provide a solution for the most productive use of each forklift and the entire fleet.   

We're classified as a high-risk industry. I_Site makes both the risk and the responsibility for its management far more transparent.

Forklift fleet management made simple with I_Site

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