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  • Watch: The Toyota Research and Development Process

Watch: The Toyota Research and Development Process

New product development is an exciting process where we take what we've learned from our research and customer feedback and produce products designed to meet future demand.

The following video from our UK counterparts shows some of the development behind the I_Site Fleet Management Software as well as our new AGV technology.

Toyota is always looking for ways in which new technologies can improve your business. We connect with our customers to better enable us to understand the problems encountered in everyday operation.

The second part of development is to have a look at the market trends: not only within the material handling industry but also in related industries, like automotive. An example of this is the rise in telematics technology, and we've developed our own I_Site solution to meet this growing demand.

Not only are we developing new technologies, we are also innovating our existing technologies. A collaboration of old and new can be seen with our newly-released Autopilot driverless forklift range, marrying complex automated guidance with our proven manually operated material handling equipment.

Automated guided forklifts (or driverless forklifts) are available now; contact your local Toyota Material Handling Australia branch for more information and a demonstration of how our research and development process can benefit your business.



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