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INSIGHT - Toyota Hydrogen Forklifts Charge Down Under

By Cameron Paxton, Director Of Sales, Toyota Material Handling Australia

In another remarkable example of Toyota Material Handling Australia receiving the latest technologies shared from the Toyota Group’s automotive arm, a pair of hydrogen fuel cell-powered forklifts have been put into action here in Australia.

The hydrogen forklifts were trialled at Toyota Motor Corporation Australia’s parts centre located at its former manufacturing plant at Altona, Victoria, and it was the first time Toyota hydrogen forklifts have been demonstrated outside of Japan.

The Toyota hydrogen fuel cell (FC) forklifts, with a nominal rating of 2,500kg lift capacity can be conveniently refuelled in just a few minutes compared to around eight hours to recharge a conventional battery. This offers obvious productivity efficiencies, dispensing with the need to significantly wait between charges or use second-shift batteries.

The zero co2-emission Toyota hydrogen fuel cell (FC) forklift demonstration was an extension of Toyota’s simultaneous trial for its Mirai FC passenger car, which shares the same hydrogen-powered technology.

In much the same way Toyota Material Handling Australia’s range of forklift products are researched and developed using Toyota’s advanced manufacturing technologies – and built to the same exacting standards of quality, durability and reliability as Toyota’s automotive vehicles – our engineers are fortunate to collaborate across the Toyota Group to incorporate the latest engine technologies, such as hydrogen fuel cells.

Toyota hydrogen fuel cell (FC) forklifts take pressurised hydrogen which is fed into a fuel cell stack, where it is combined with oxygen to create a chemical reaction that produces electricity to drive various motors depending on demand for motive power or hydraulic power for steering, braking or lifting loads.

The hydrogen FC forklifts are a clear demonstration of Toyota’s commitment to the environment through the adoption of new and sustainable technologies, having excellent environmental credentials as they do not emit co2 or substances of concern (SOCs) during operation but, rather, only water.

The Toyota hydrogen FC forklifts are not for sale in Australia.. Toyota’s mobile hydrogen fuelling station installed on a Hino 700 Series truck fuelled the FC forklifts during the trials.








The two Toyota hydrogen fuel cell forklifts being trialled in Australia

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