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INSIGHT - Toyota Forklifts help to raise the Bars

By Cameron Paxton, Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, Toyota Material Handling Australia

During a time when families across Australia are locked down and spending more time than ever at home, companies such as Funky Monkey Bars have helped put a smile on the faces of parents and children alike.

The Perth-based company manufactures its own free-standing, modular backyard playground equipment, helping to keep kids entertained through particularly difficult times.

Operating a recently opened showroom in Fremantle and a manufacturing hub in Yangebup, Funky Monkey Bars manufactures its products locally from Australian steel, with the performance of its manufacturing facility aided by the use of Toyota Material Handling Australia (TMHA) equipment.

The company recently purchased two 32-8FG25 forklifts, one 32-8FGJ35 forklift and one RRE160H reach forklift with 7000mm lift height, helping to ensure deliveries are made around the country with around 70 per cent of Funky Monkey Bars sales coming online.

The new equipment has already been well received by warehouse staff, with the Toyota Advantage legendary safety, reliability, ease of use and hassle-free servicing – all striking a chord with the Funky Monkey Bars team.

Using dual-fuel petrol/gas forklifts, company Director Colin Burdle said the new equipment has made a “massive difference”, helping the machines cover larger distances without refuelling – a handy feature for Funky Monkey Bars, who had become accustomed to dragging gas cylinders across two vast workshops to keep their previous equipment running.

For Funky Monkey Bars Manufacturing Manager Glenn Brittain, experience with THMA equipment in a previous role showed him the huge benefits of the Toyota Advantage.

With demonstrations and help from TMHA area sales manager Danny Carbery, Funky Monkey Bars were convinced to make the switch to THMA, and haven’t looked back since.

The newly purchased fleet are Toyota’s newest Gen II products, which offer valuable and easily accessible read-outs available at the operator’s fingertips.

Funky Monkey Bars also noted legendary Toyota reliability, part of our Toyota Advantage, as a major reason to make the switch, with Mr Burdle noting the frustration caused by previous equipment regularly breaking down and requiring costly service.

Unsurprisingly, Funky Monkey Bars has seen a significant growth in its business throughout the pandemic, with families seeking to bring the playground home without the expensive and inflexible process of installing a fixed play set.

With the business showing no signs of slowing down, there may come a time where Funky Monkey Bars will need to expand further. The resounding opinion from the company is that when the time comes for new products, TMHA will be the first supplier they call.

For more information free call 1800 425 438 or contact us, here.

Funky Monkey Bars Director Colin Burdle said the reliability of TMHA forklifts have been vital to the success of the business.

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