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Insight- TMHA consolidates new Huski Construction Equipment range

By Cameron Paxton, Director Of Sales, Toyota Material Handling Australia

With the recent addition of a comprehensive range of mini excavators and also scissor lifts to join our ubiquitous skid steer loaders, Toyota Material Handling Australia (TMHA) has combined all Huski equipment under the newly created Huski Construction Equipment brand.

Huski Construction Equipment (HCE) is easily identifiable by its distinctive blue logos and livery as opposed to our comprehensive material handling equipment range, which is distinguished by entirely sporting TMHA’s traditional orange colour.

This made sense because, although there is a mild degree of crossover between them, TMHA specialises in material handling equipment such as our famed forklifts and warehouse equipment, AGV driverless forklifts, Taylor-Dunn electric vehicles and tow-tractors, lift platforms, and our range of sweepers and scrubbers.

Conversely, our HCE range specialises in earthworks, construction and maintenance activities – comprising our legendary Toyota skid steer loaders and now our new Huski mini excavators and Huski scissor lifts.

The addition of the mini excavators to the Huski stable mid this year was a significant milestone. It was the first time we had been able to provide such an offering that naturally extended the earthworks and construction abilities of our skid steer loaders – and to the same tough, reliable standards.

A lot of our customers had been asking about mini excavator offerings for many years, so the addition of seven Huski mini-excavators has been a huge progression for our business.

The range includes one 1.3-tonne short-radius machine and six models ranging from 1.6-tonne through to 6-tonne, featuring high break-out force and zero tail-swing – meaning the unit can swing 360 degrees within the total width of its chassis.

All models feature leading performance and high safety standards, and are backed by the reputation that extends to all machinery under the TMHA banner.

The Huski mini excavators distinguish themselves in market with their exceptional break-out force, which compares highly to the digging power of other machines in market.

Fundamental to Huski mini excavators' robust construction and functional design is excellent quality-of-materials, high technological content of components and the strict inspection of production and assembly processes.

Operators trust our Huski skid steer loaders because they've proven reliable in the field for three decades. Now, if a customer is looking for a new excavator, we can bring the same assurance of the Huski brand to them for those needs, as well.

An advantage that Huski skid steer loader customers who take on a Huski mini excavator or scissor lift should appreciate, is that our mobile servicing can attend to all types of machines in  the entire TMHA product portfolio.

We know that customers like to use a single point-of-call for servicing and parts. Now we can look after their needs for all three types of Huski products – minimising inconvenience to them and helping to streamline their business.

Our Huski E-Series scissor lift is one of the most versatile and best value-for-money tools on the market. Designed for construction, it is also a dependable tool for other tasks such as installation and facilities maintenance.

The Huski E-Series scissor lift scissor lifts have both indoor and outdoor ratings for worksites and building fit-out. Features include an extendable platform that allows operators to safely reach across fixed objects, a brushless direct-drive AC motor to ensure long operation times (more than twice the operating hours of a hydraulic system), joy-stick type upper control steering switch and a lower control panel on the chassis.

With five models and working heights of up to 9.78 metres, they are manoeuvrable and agile. Their folding guardrails allow for larger models to pass under other low obstacles while the operator is off the scissor lift. You can even fit them through a standard doorway!

Our HCE skid steer loaders need no introduction. The 5SDK range comprising six models has long been renowned for its strength, high performance and reliability. They are a go-to for customers seeking a machine that offers heavy-duty construction, low running costs and a long lifespan, adding excellent value to our customers’ business.

It’s fantastic to see how well received our entire Huski range has been thus far and we hope to continue to grow this range over the coming years.

For more information on the new Huski Construction Equipment range please call us on 1800 425 438 or contact one of our Toyota Material Handling branches who will be able to assist with your enquiry.

The Huski Construction Equipment range of skid steer loaders, scissor lifts, and mini excavators

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