The BT Staxio SWE080L stacker forklift is a part of the complete all-new BT Staxio series for walkie applications. BT Staxio stackers are compact, easy-to-use and powered by a low-maintenance and efficient AC drive motor – part of BT Powerdrive.

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The Toyota BT Staxio SWE080L walkie stacker forklift is a part of the Toyota BT Staxio series for walkie applications. Toyota BT Staxio walk behind stackers are compact, easy-to-use and powered by a low-maintenance and efficient AC drive motor - part of Toyota BT Powerdrive.

Key features SWE080L:

  • Toyota BT Castor link
  • Chassis width - 726 mm.
  • Maximum battery size,  2*230 Ah (12V).
  • Storage compartments
  • Mono-mast with two available lifting heights: 600 mm and 1580 mm
  • Toyota BT Powerdrive


  • Acceleration, speed and braking characteristics are fully programmable to suit each individual driver needs. This is just an example of all the safety features the Toyota BT Staxio forklift is equipped with.


  • The Toyota BT SWE080L forklift is a versatile walkie stacker with a single column mast and elevating support arms, making it suitable for low-lifting and order picking applications, including loading/unloading. It is also ideal for lifting goods to a comfortable work height eg, stacking shelves on a shop floor. It has a maximum capacity of 800 kg. When used for horizontal transport it can carry of loads up to 2000 kg on the support arms.
  • A compact chassis, ergonomic positioning of the control arm and visibility all over the forks are just a few examples on how we make it easier for a operator to work with our walkie stackers. That's simplicity.


Two mast heights are available:

  1. The model with a 600 mm mast is ideal for handling goods in shops and warehouses, as well as for loading and unloading lorries.  The forklift's built-in mast and compact size provide superior manoeuvrability, while the mast's low-profile design allows excellent visibility.
  2. The forklift model with a 1580 mm mast allows you to stack pallets on top of each other and provides ample working space around the mast when handling goods

Comfort / Ergonomics

  • An easy-to-use forklift means less risk of mistakes and less risk of damage or breakdown. Combine this with Toyota's built-in quality and the Toyota BT Staxio's advanced design and the result is more uptime, which means more work done for less cost.

Ease of Use

Example of options available on the Toyota BT Staxio SWE080L.
A full list of options are available from your nearest Toyota Material Handling branch.

  • Built-in charger
  • E-bar with brackets for several options such as writing table, shrinkwrap holder and PC
  • Automatic height adjustment