BT presents the latest generation of advanced BT Reflex reach forklift trucks. Five new forklift models - with load capacities from 1.4 - 2.5 tons - deliver class-leading performance. The new BT Reflex forklift truck range has been developed based on intensive European customer research. The BT Reflex forklift is designed around four core values: safety, productivity, durability and driveability -the values that reach truck customers have told us are most important to them.

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Toyota presents the latest generation of advanced Toyota BT Reflex reach forklift trucks. Five new forklift models - with load capacities from 1.4 - 2.5 tons - deliver class-leading performance, and lift heights up to 13 metres.

The new Toyota high capacity reach forklifts are developed for intensive stacking applications focusing on productivity, reliability, ergonomics (controls, steering and seat adapted to the driver’s needs) and most importantly safety.

The Reflex range offers an option of a unique E-model where the cabin automatically tilts above a certain height for increased visibility of the load and reduced neck strain on the operator.

There is also an outdoor model in the range.

Features And Options

  • New chassis design - new generation mast
  • New steering - 4 pre-defined operator settings
  • New textile seat with super fabric
  • New ergonomic accelerator pedal design
  • Height adjustable floor – manual with electrical (option)
  • Improved visibility low front panel, window in over head guard post behind the operator
  • Fan shaped over head guard
  • Optimised performance -
    • New Optimised Cornering Control
    • New Optimised Reach Control
    • Optimised Speed Control when mast reached out
  • Tilting cabin (option)
  • I_Site Fleet Management System (option)
  • Coldstore version (option)
  • Blue and Red Warning Lights (option)
  • Fork Position Laser (option)


  • The Toyota BT Reflex forklift is available with cold store specifications, tilting cab and drive-in versions for use in narrow racking systems. 
  • Total View Concept: Improved visibility Low front panel, clear view mast and fork carriage, visibility window in over head guard post behind the operator, Fan shaped over head guard
  • New Generation mast: Optimised for excellent visibility and stability, Automatic Zero Tilt function, Automatic Zero Sideshift function
  • Optimised Truck Performance (OTP): Controlled acceleration, braking and steering
    depending on speed. Stable and controlled driving for high safety and productivity


  • Transitional Lift Control: Totally smooth transition between the free and main lift, faster
    lifting/lowering especially lowering in the free lift area improved ergonomics due to less
    shocks in the chassis, allowing for faster work cycles and smoother operation
  • Pin Code or Optional Smart Access entry system with Pre Operational Checks- protects against unauthorised use


  • Fully adjustable operator environment: a truly fully adjustable driver’s compartment to suit individual needs: seat, steering console, control console, floor height and a new accelerator pedal design
  • Generous storage compartments


  • Like all Toyota forklifts, the Toyota Reflex range of reach trucks is built according to the famous Toyota Production System, assuring the highest levels of quality, durability and reliability.