Toyota Material Handling’s range of Bravi work assist platforms are versatile, robust, and extremely reliable stock pickers and vertical lifts that allow the user to comfortably, easily, and safely handle a wide range of work applications.

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With a maximum working height of 5.3m, the Sprint stock picker is perfect for retail stores where space is at a premium. Fully drivable, Sprint elevated work assist platform  speeds up the process reaching highly positioned goods and merchandise. It also increases safety by eliminating the need to manually handle goods up and down ladders. These driveable stock pickers improve efficiency, reach and safety whilst performing stock picking, general maintenance, or other repetitive tasks. 

Sprint stock picker is the ideal solution for those who want to take the most advantage of space and increase profits. To avoid problems in recovering goods from too high shelving, most stores, supermarkets or warehouses store their goods in shelves no higher than three metres. Using the Sprint stock picker is a savings opportunity because it allows the amount of articles on display or on deposit to be increased without increasing the floor surface of the building and the related costs.

Sprint stock picker can make a complete rotation on its axis due to its innovative drive system. This allows the machine to be used where space is limited. Sprint stock picker is the ideal solution for those who want to make use of space in stores, supermarkets and production plants as it is only 31.8" (80 cm) wide, 59,05" (150 cm) long and has a turning circle equivalent to 63" (160 cm).

And best of all Sprint elevated work assist platforms come fully backed by Toyota Material Handling, your guarantee of outstanding customer support.