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Spin-Go Vertical Lift Work Platform 90kg Tray Capacity


at a glance

  • img Maximum working height of 4.17m
  • img Indoor use
  • img Easy to use operation
  • img Concrete, Bitumen, Paved, Carpet, Tiled

Spin-Go Lift Platform

  • Spin-Go push-around vertical lift work platforms are the valid alternative to ladders and podiums normally used in shops, supermarkets, warehouses, malls, offices, libraries and archives.
  • Light overall weight of this vertical lift platform of only 230kg makes it easy to push around and control. These low maintenance walk-behind pedestrian vertical lift platforms improve efficiency reach and safety whilst performing order picking, general maintenance, or other repetitive tasks at height.
  • (Overseas model shown in video. For full Australian specifications please refer to product brochures supplied by TMHA or contact TMHA for more details).

    Easy and extremely compact the Spin-Go vertical lift work platform provides a safer and more efficient method of reaching highly positioned goods and merchandise, during stock replenishment, fit out, cleaning operations and much more. This versatile machine makes it possible to take the most advantages of their space, granting an effective space organisation and consequently an increased assortment of articles immediately at hand. Adjustable cargo shelf, easily regulated while on board the machine to maximise operator comfort!

    Loading platform at maximum height corresponds to the mast. It is very easy to place even heavy packs, using the column as the setting base and letting it slide up to the material tray.

    The Spin-Go vertical lift work platform will automatically brake when stationary, as the wheel brake is always on. When the operator needs to move the unit, they simply press a trigger style switch positioned on the platform's rail to release the brake while pushing the unit into the new working place. Very light overall weight of the Spin-Go vertical lift work platform of only 230kg makes it easy and comfortable to be pushed around and able to be used on every floor, even mezzanine floor.

    Once on board just press a button to reach in a few seconds the desired working height up to 4.17meters

    Operator's platform with easy and safe access achieved by:

    • Easy entrance with dual swing gates
    • Step height only 36cm
    • No obstacles at the entry point.

    And best of all the Spin-Go vertical lift work platforms come fully backed by Toyota Material Handling, your guarantee of outstanding customer support.

great for these industries

  • img Transport / Freight / Distribution
  • img Manufacturing / Construction / Maintenance
  • img Home Improvement / Hardware
  • img Grocery / Markets / Grocery Distributuion
  • img Medical / Pharmaceutical
  • img General / Refrigerated Warehouse
  • img Computer / Electronics
  • img Packaging
  • img Third Party Logistics
  • img Paper / Publishing
  • img Landscaping / Nursery
  • img Retail / Department Stores
  • img Furniture
  • img Shipping / Container Handling
  • img Aviation


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