Order Picker Forklifts

Toyota 5000 Series Order Picker Forklift

  • img 1,363 kg
  • img 9,906 mm
  • img 1,465 mm

at a glance

  • img Up to 1,363kg capacity
  • img Indoor use
  • img Comfortable for all day use
  • img Concrete
  • LIFTS 1,363 KG
  • UP TO 9,906 mm
  • AISLE WIDTH 1,465 mm

5000 Series Order Picker

  • The Toyota 5000 Series order picker features our exclusive ACR System™ giving you faster, smoother operation, increased travel and lift speeds and easier load handling.
  • Specially designed ergonomic controls increase efficiency and a variety of other features to improve operators' comfort and security.
  • These AC forklifts deliver more uptime, with fewer battery changes and lower maintenance costs.
  • (Overseas model shown in video. For full Australian specifications please refer to product brochures supplied by TMHA or contact TMHA for more details).
    • Speed and efficiency are the keys to order picking productivity. The Toyota 5000 Series order picker gives you the best of both.
    • To improve productivity, the 5000 series order pickers offer a special auto-locking pallet clamp. It's designed to work on a wide range of pallets.
    • Operator display provides useful information to increase efficiency and reduce downtime. AC motors have at least 10% higher operating efficiency than DC motors. These AC forklift trucks use fewer amps per cycle, so you'll save on batteries, chargers and downtime. And superior energy efficiency means batteries last longer.
    • Forklifts equipped with the ACR System have lower maintenance and parts costs, fewer service requirements, increased battery performance, and superior forklift utilisation rates compared to DC-powered forklifts.
    • Feather-light flip-up sidegates create a generous case-picking window to increase operator efficiency and security.
    • The wraparound operator envelope means operators get excellent visibility with panoramic view of racks, loads, and aisles.
    • Patented suspension and smooth mast staging isolate vibrations from the operator.
    • Protective mast guard made of durable wire mesh provides clear view, and allows better airflow to help the operator stay cool.
    • Auto-steer centering reduces the risk of damage to the forklift and racks by centering the drive tire at startup.
    • Component and system diagnostics feature audible and visual signals that alert operators instantly when service issues arise, and provide detailed information to simplify troubleshooting and service.  Maintenance Minder ™ tools tell operators when it's time for scheduled maintenance.
    • These ACR System-equipped forklifts use efficient AC power to give you faster travel and lift speeds. You get quicker acceleration. Better control of load handling. And with variable lift speeds, operators can get to the pick smoothly and efficiently, without the jerky motion they experience on other brands. Precise feathering of the platform takes the operator closer to the pick, and with Toyota's 36-volt AC lift, you'll get 26% faster lift speeds than with other brands.
    • The 5000 Series orderpicker is available with Raymond's advanced intellispeed ™ system, which smoothly coordinates travel speeds and load height.
    • For the ultimate in efficiency, Toyota's intelliguide wire guidance system frees operators from steering responsibilities in very narrow aisles. The system quickly and reliably engages guide signals. And its patented no-tune design provides excellent tracking and stability.
    • The Toyota 5000 Series orderpicker has an ergonomic control handle, easy-to-read display, power steering, and a roomy compartment for increased operator comfort and control.
    • Low step height reduces fatigue for operators, who are continually getting on and off the truck.
    • Thick, ergonomic floor pad and low effort deadman brake provide comfort during long shifts.
    • Ergonomic control handle is contoured to fit the hand.
    • Ergonomic hand rest provides comfort and stability.
    • Intuitive, ergonomic controls make operation easy.  Our contoured handle naturally fits the hand, and provides a sure grip during travel. The operator just pushes the handle forward to move the truck ahead, and pulls back to reverse. Move the thumb switch up to lift the load, and down to lower it.
    • To accommodate operator skill levels and other variables, you can custom-configure travel speed, and acceleration and deceleration rates for forward, reverse, lift and lower.
    • Toyota's infinitely variable lift and lower control provides smooth, precise up-and-down motion for the platform.
    • AC motors have no wearable parts. Unlike DC motors, AC motors have no brushes, spring sets or commutators. So maintenance and repair are easier, faster and more economical.
    • Integrated component safeguards and comprehensive self-diagnostics keep the 5000 Series orderpickers working reliably and help contain maintenance costs.

great for these industries

  • img Transport / Freight / Distribution
  • img Home Improvement / Hardware
  • img Grocery / Markets / Grocery Distributuion
  • img Medical / Pharmaceutical
  • img General / Refrigerated Warehouse
  • img Computer / Electronics
  • img Packaging
  • img Third Party Logistics
  • img Paper / Publishing
  • img Retail / Department Stores
  • img Furniture

BACKED BY THE toyota advantage


    Every Toyota forklift is built with the same precision and famous advanced manufacturing technologies as Toyota’s automotive products. But we don’t just say it, we’ve demonstrated it for over 50 years. That’s why when you choose to partner with Toyota Material Handling Australia, you’re choosing our legendary quality, durability and reliability.


    Safety is as much a part of our business as it is yours. That’s why we pioneered the System Of Active Stability™ (SAS™) over 20 years ago. Over 3,000 calculations per second delivering class leading stability, safety and assisting accident prevention. We may have pioneered SAS™ over 20 years ago – but we never sit still when it comes to safety.


    450+ service support staff. 300+ mobile service vans. 18 locations. Parts and service when and where you need them. In a country as large as ours – you need a service network as big as ours. That’s why when you choose to partner with Toyota Material Handling, you get the ongoing support of Australia’s most dedicated service and parts network.


    We’re proud to offer an unparalleled range of complementary products suitable for Australian businesses. From elevated work platforms, sweepers and scrubbers, Taylor-Dunn electric vehicles, to services such as telematics and fleet management solutions, or when demand means you need to tap into Australia’s biggest forklift rental fleet.


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