Battery Counterbalance

Toyota 6.0 - 8.0 9FBMT 4-Wheel Battery Forklift

  • img 8,000 kg
  • img 7,000 mm
  • img 5,105 mm

at a glance

  • img 6,000kg - 8,000kg capacities
  • img Indoor use
  • img Heavy duty battery electric performance
  • img Concrete, Bitumen, Compacted gravel, Paved, Carpet
  • LIFTS 8,000 KG
  • UP TO 7,000 mm
  • AISLE WIDTH 5,105 mm

9FBMT Battery Electric Forklift

  • Toyota's 9FBMT Traigo 6.0 to 8.0 tonne range is a top-of-the-range, heavy-duty electric forklift, a true alternative to engine-powered forklifts.
  • The 9FBMT's clear-cut design is characterised by strength, durability and simplicity. The well laid-out dashboard is designed around the operator, allowing them to work intuitively while experiencing low vibrations and noise thanks to the full floating driver's compartment.
  • The entire forklift has been designed with visibility in mind, so that drivers can see the dimensions from every angle.
  • (Overseas model shown in video. For full Australian specifications please refer to product brochures supplied by TMHA or contact TMHA for more details).
    • Toyota 9FBMT forklifts can be specified with range of options to increase productivity.
    • Mast choice: on offer are a wide range of mast and lift heights to suit your operation and to endure operator visibility - 2-stage, 3-stage, central free lift cylinder or split side cylinders.
    • Cabin choice: there are different cab options to suit all weather conditions.
    • The range comes with electric power steering for lower energy consumption and offers a choice in battery technology to suit all needs. For a smooth battery exchange, the forklift is designed around an open chassis to easily place and retrieve the battery.


    Quick 9FBM60T, 9FBM70T, 9FBM80T and 9FBH80T facts:

    • 80-volt counterbalance battery-electric
    • Load capacity of 8000kg up to 5 meters vertical
    • Toyota’s System of Active Stability
    • AC drive, lift and steer motors
    • Electric Power Steering (EPS)
    • Full Floating Cabin
    • Open-chassis design for battery extraction
    • LED lighting as standard
    • Easy access for service
    • Outstanding visibility, ergonomics, safety
    • The quality, durability and reliability that forklift users have come to expect from a Toyota
    • Toyota's exclusive System Of Active Stability (SAS) is the world's first active system for controlling forklift stability. By protecting the operator and load when driving, turning and lifting,
    • Toyota SAS provides advanced technology, helping to increase safety and improve productivity.
    • Toyota SAS monitors key forklift operations, detecting and counteracting instability to help reduce the risk of tip-overs.
    • When it senses instability, the Active Control Rear Stabiliser locks the rear axle to help reduce lateral tip-overs.
    • Active Mast Function Controller senses and reacts to instability by limiting mast angle and speed according to the load's height and weight.

    Toyota 9FBMT 80 is the class-leading high-performance and high-capacity forklift for heavy-duty work, offering a quiet, efficient and powerful electric alternative to IC forklift. Its tough design is suited for multi-load handling and large attachments. Typical applications include manufacturing, construction materials, and the paper and beverage industries.

    The powerful motors provide the truck strong gradeability and high travel speed, making it highly suitable for demanding applications. With the sharp rear steering angle the truck can manoeuvre smoothly in tight areas for example in production or storage area.

    • Customise without compromise.
    • Digital multi-function display with back-lighting.
    • Adjustable steering column which is also very slim for maximum legroom.
    • Built-in analyser and self-diagnostics.
    • Wide view mast with industry-leading visibility.
    • Tight turning radius and excellent gradeability.
    • Excellent travelling and lifting speeds.
    • All Toyota forklifts are built to the Toyota Production System (TPS), assuring the highest levels of quality, durability and reliability.

great for these industries

  • img Transport / Freight / Distribution
  • img Manufacturing / Construction / Maintenance
  • img Home Improvement / Hardware
  • img Grocery / Markets / Grocery Distributuion
  • img Medical / Pharmaceutical
  • img General / Refrigerated Warehouse
  • img Computer / Electronics
  • img Packaging
  • img Third Party Logistics
  • img Paper / Publishing
  • img Retail / Department Stores
  • img Furniture
  • img Aviation

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case study


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