Toyota Upgrades High Capacity Reflex Reach Forklift Range

Toyota Material Handling Australia (TMHA) has revealed a number of updates to its high capacity reach forklift range, headlined by a significant increase in lift height while retaining capacity.

The Toyota RRE140-160H and RRE160HR Reflex reach forklifts have been developed for intensive warehouse stacking applications and cover a range of lifting capacities from 1400 to 2500 kilograms.

TMHA national sales and product manager Jim Lobow said the new generation 'true vision' mast provides greater lift heights of 13 metres, up from 10.5 metres.

"The new generation high capacity mast has been optimised so it can handle more weight at a greater height, making it a more robust and versatile option than many of its competitors," he said.

"Visibility is also improved thanks to a redesigned, fan-shaped overhead guard that includes a transparent roof option and the shape of the new mast."

Other new features of the Toyota BT Reflex RRE H Series reach truck range include upgraded steering with four pre-defined operator settings, a redesigned overhead guard that offers improved visibility for the operator, ergonomic accelerator pedal design and new textile seat fabric that provides exceptional durability.

The standard offering of an Optimised Truck Performance system provides controlled acceleration, braking and steering for stable, highly productive and safe operation.

The Toyota BT Reflex range includes a unique E-model where the cabin tilts automatically to increase visibility of the load and avoid neck strain for the operator, and another model suitable for outdoor use.

The ergonomically designed operator's compartment can accommodate the needs of individual drivers and features electronically adjustable floor height, a fully adjustable high backrest headrest seat, steering console and control console.

Options for the Toyota RRE140-160H and RRE160HR BT Reflex reach forklifts include tilting cabin, I_Site fleet management system, a cold store version, red and blue warning lights, fork positioning laser and a camera.

The new Toyota BT Reflex forklift range will be available nationally from June this year.

The new Toyota high capacity Reflex reach forklift

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