Full Steam Ahead For Retailer with Toyota Forklifts

A successful Tasmanian discount variety chain has invested in a fleet of Toyota forklifts for its warehouse and retail outlets throughout the state.

Shiploads has taken on 15 items of Toyota forklift equipment for use in its Hobart warehouse and retail stores. This includes three 8FBN18 1.8-tonne payload counterbalance battery-electric forklifts and one BT reach truck for the Shiploads warehouse, and 11 SWE120S BT walkie stackers for each of its retail outlets located around Tasmania.

Shiploads has used Toyota forklift equipment since it was founded in Hobart in late 2010. The direct relationship with Toyota Material Handling Australia's (TMHA) recently established Tasmanian branch in Launceston (with southern sales/rental/service support and north-west service support) replaces its previous arrangement with a local Toyota agent.

Shiploads' logistics manager (or 'harbour master') Dan Bryan said the company has always used Toyota forklifts thanks to good experiences with the brand in a previous business.

"We have found the reliability of the Toyota forklifts and walkie stackers then and now to be excellent. They are affordable, comfortable to operate and it's easy to train new staff members to use them."

Mr Bryan nominates the key attributes of the Toyota forklifts as their reliability, rigid construction and ease of operation.

"They are the Toyota Camry of forklifts!" he said.

"Our staff need efficient, safe and reliable equipment, and the Toyota forklifts and walkie stackers give them just that. We have compared the Toyota machines with other brands but our staff continually rate the Toyota equipment as the best."

TMHA area sales manager Rodney Jones said the Shiploads management team have been long-time advocates of Toyota forklifts and other warehouse equipment.

"They were using Toyota forklifts while working for another variety retail chain, and when they set up Shiploads nearly six years ago they were very happy to keep using Toyota.

"Their needs are a little different to many retailers in that, in addition to the main warehouse, each of their retail outlets has a small storage area which is why they need a walkie stacker stationed at each one.

Shiploads is Tasmanian owned and operated and offers a wide range of discount variety products at "extreme value" prices in its 12 retail outlets across the State.

For further information on the Toyota Material Handling range, freecall 1800 425 438 or visit the website at www.toyotamaterialhandling.com.au.

Shiploads general manager Ashley Wilson (centre) with logistics manager Dan Bryan (left) and TMHA Area Sales Manager Rod Jones.

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