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INSIGHT - Robinson’s finds fresh solution with green TMHA forklifts


Whilst Toyota forklifts are generally best known for being orange in colour, it’s great when we see our customers adapting their look to integrate within their corporate livery. Such is the case of our valued TMHA customer Robinson’s Fresh Solutions, who have added some extra visual flair to their new fleet of Toyota forklifts.

Robinson’s Fresh Solutions recently renewed its Toyota forklift fleet with 11 new 32-8FG18 and 32-8FG25 forklifts, which now stand out in the bustling Melbourne Markets thanks to their new British Racing Green colour scheme.

Robinson’s has custom wrapped their new Toyota forklifts in the green livery as an homage to its original Louisville truck used by company founder Eric Robinson in the 1960s and 70s as the business was getting started.

Certainly a change from the iconic orange hue of our Toyota forklifts, I think the new Robinson’s units look great in green – and despite the new look, workers know that underneath the machines still sport the legendary performance and reliability, along with world leading safety that has ensured Robinson’s has remained a TMHA partner for decades.

When Robinson’s first started out with TMHA, the machines were running for around six to eight hours per day, but as the company has scaled up its operations the machines have been tasked with 16 to 20 hours of running time every single day.

Robinson’s operations manager Mitch Robinson said “the results speak for themselves” regarding the performance of the forklifts in the company’s high-pressure environment, noting that Toyota was the most popular forklift brand at the markets for a reason.

A lack of equipment downtime is crucial for any business, so the combination of exceptional Toyota forklift reliability and on-site servicing at the Melbourne Markets helps Robinson’s maximise its productivity.

Robinson’s Fresh Solutions have been a valued TMHA customer since 1998, when founder Eric Robinson was in the market for a new forklift and borrowed a Toyota 7-Series forklift for the night.

The considered build quality and ease of operation of the Toyota forklift, along with the reasonable purchase and operating costs, meant that Toyota was the best choice for Robinson’s and more than 20 years on, it would seem as though that choice has been validated.

Robinson’s Fresh Solutions now employs approximately 65 workers in Epping, Victoria, and we look forward to seeing the growth of the company – hopefully for the next 20 years and beyond!

The new Robinson's Fresh Solutions 32-8FG18 Toyota forklifts in their custom green livery.

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