10 Ways To Be An Efficient Forklift Driver

At TMHA we believe in efficiency for successful operation and maximum productivity. Here are 10 tips to make sure you get the most out of your forklift.

  1. Only start the vehicle when you're ready to go. This avoids fuel wastage caused by unnecessary idling and ensures that the engine warms up as quickly as possible.
  2. Steady on the throttle. Drive smoothly and accelerate gently within the limits set at your workplace. Read the road ahead to avoid unnecessary braking. Not only is it the most efficient way to drive, it's safer too.
  3. Easy on the brakes. When you have to stop, decelerate smoothly by allowing time to let go of the accelerator.
  4. Don't hoon your forklift. Coasting towards a stacking destination is more efficient than both driving quickly and stopping abruptly. Harsh acceleration and braking wastes energy - regardless of whether you're in a gas or electric powered truck.
  5. Get trained. Safety and general driving training will make you more aware of how to drive efficiently; a more educated driver will be able to get the job done first time, avoiding unnecessary manoeuvring.
  6. Don't sit idle. If you have to wait for a load or a truck, turn your engine off if it's likely to take longer than a minute. You will save fuel by not letting your vehicle idle.
  7. Keep it serviced. A neglected forklift will always be inefficient. Make sure your machine is healthy and running at its best. Get it serviced according to the manufacturer's schedule to maintain the forklift's efficiency.
  8. Don't forget your tyres. If your truck is fitted with pneumatic tyres, make sure they are inflated correctly. Low tyre pressure is bad for fuel economy.
  9. Check your oils and filters. Make sure you use the correct specification of engine oil as per your Toyota service manual, and regularly check your levels. Also check your air filter and be sure to use Toyota Genuine filters to ensure optimum operation.
  10. Don't give back your gas. You pay for a whole gas bottle, why not use the whole gas bottle? Save money by making sure that your LPG bottles are fully emptied before returning them.

Make sure you get these most out of your forklift with these 10 tips

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