Electric Pallet Jacks

Toyota 8410 End Rider Pallet Truck

  • img 3,629 kg
  • img 234 mm
  • img 3,170 mm

at a glance

  • img Up to 3,629kg capacity
  • img Indoor use
  • img Smart, ergonomic design
  • img Concrete, Bitumen, Paved
  • LIFTS 3,629 KG
  • UP TO 234 mm
  • AISLE WIDTH 3,170 mm

8410 Electric Pallet Jack

  • The Toyota 8410 end rider pallet truck is designed for unmatched durability. You can count on these reliable workhorses to handle the most demanding applications.
  • The 8000 Series features the exclusive ACR System with reliable AC power. It gives operator's quicker acceleration and smoother direction changes to move more products faster.
  • PowerSteer on the reliable Toyota 8410 forklift improves control and increases operational productivity and comfort.
  • (Overseas model shown in video. For full Australian specifications please refer to product brochures supplied by TMHA or contact TMHA for more details).
    • AC motors deliver more runtime per battery charge. Unlike DC-powered forklift trucks that lose performance as batteries discharge, Raymond AC-powered forklift maintain a high level of performance throughout the battery cycle.
    • 10% higher operating efficiency than DC motors.
    • The 8000 Series forklifts equipped with the ACR System use fewer amps per cycle, so you'll save on batteries, chargers and downtime. And this superior energy efficiency means batteries last longer. That's especially important in cold storage applications.
    • AC technology maximizes efficiency by providing quicker acceleration and smoother direction changes than DC systems.
    • PowerSteer on the Toyota 8410, takes up to 90% less effort for your operators to move more and move it faster.With intelligent speed and sensitive steering. PowerSteer gives your operators steer assistance where they need it the most- at slow speeds.
    • With few parts, the Toyota 8410 forklift boasts higher efficiency and significantly less maintenance. And, the PowerSteer system is completely contained within the tractor compartment which maintains leg room and comfort for your operators.
    • Steel bulkhead wrapper adds strength and protects vital system components.
    • Ergonomic control handle and the grab rail are angled at 12 degrees - perfectly placed for the natural position of the hand. Controls on other brands' forklifts are straight across, causing an uncomfortable flex in the wrist.
    • Dual lift cylinders provide a four-point lift system for better loading stability, eliminating horizontal loading of lift cylinders.
    • Steel gussets protect critical components.
    • Solid steel reinforcements guard against impact.
    • Strong aluminum cover protects the control handle and critical electronic components.
    • Large, powerful AC drive motor sized and tested to deliver long, dependable life with the low operating cost benefits of AC power.
    • Heavy-duty pins and bushings plus strong trail fork castings can handle the heaviest loads, shift after shift.
    • Solid steel 2-inch diameter pull rods - stronger than push rods - provide added strength for the entire length of the forks. No areas are weakened by threaded rods.
    • 50% bigger internal fork strengtheners and 50% thicker skid bars make our forks the toughest in the industry.
    • 20% thicker battery box protects center section of truck with doubled welds and added gussets.
    • The comfortable, ergonomic design and naturally intuitive controls of the 8410 model forklift makes it a favourite of operators.  Roomy operating compartment with 525 square inches of foot space, welcomes the driver with a low 9.5-inch step height, so there's less fatigue stepping up and down. A thick, padded foot cushion and convenient lean points provide comfort throughout the shift.
    • Tactile, intuitive solid state controls. Whether riding or walking, the operator can use conveniently located, ergonomically designed twist grips or thumb wheels to more comfortably operate the truck. Control operation is intuitive - just twist the soft-touch grips forward to move forward, backward to move backward.  The easy-to-read operator display is conveniently placed. And the horn, lower and lift buttons are just inches away.
    • Grab rail operating functions are within easy reach.
    • Special steel support carries handle loading to the transmission. This adds strength and allows easier access to the brake and drive motor.
    • Operators appreciate the programmable top-end travel speed of up to 9 mph, and unsurpassed pick speeds. The system includes a virtually unlimited range of performance settings to control speed and acceleration, optimizing control in tight quarters and speed in open areas. And the Toyota 8410 model lets you program up to 10 operator skill levels - from slower speeds for new employees to faster speeds for more.

great for these industries

  • img Transport / Freight / Distribution
  • img Manufacturing / Construction / Maintenance
  • img Home Improvement / Hardware
  • img Grocery / Markets / Grocery Distributuion
  • img Medical / Pharmaceutical
  • img General / Refrigerated Warehouse
  • img Computer / Electronics
  • img Packaging
  • img Third Party Logistics
  • img Paper / Publishing
  • img Landscaping / Nursery
  • img Retail / Department Stores
  • img Furniture
  • img Aviation

BACKED BY THE toyota advantage


    Every Toyota forklift is built with the same precision and famous advanced manufacturing technologies as Toyota’s automotive products. But we don’t just say it, we’ve demonstrated it for over 50 years. That’s why when you choose to partner with Toyota Material Handling Australia, you’re choosing our legendary quality, durability and reliability.


    Safety is as much a part of our business as it is yours. That’s why we pioneered the System Of Active Stability™ (SAS™) over 20 years ago. Over 3,000 calculations per second delivering class leading stability, safety and assisting accident prevention. We may have pioneered SAS™ over 20 years ago – but we never sit still when it comes to safety.


    450+ service support staff. 300+ mobile service vans. 18 locations. Parts and service when and where you need them. In a country as large as ours – you need a service network as big as ours. That’s why when you choose to partner with Toyota Material Handling, you get the ongoing support of Australia’s most dedicated service and parts network.


    We’re proud to offer an unparalleled range of complementary products suitable for Australian businesses. From elevated work platforms, sweepers and scrubbers, Taylor-Dunn electric vehicles, to services such as telematics and fleet management solutions, or when demand means you need to tap into Australia’s biggest forklift rental fleet.


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