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  • Huski Construction Equipment helps Allelec Services reach new heights

Huski Construction Equipment helps Allelec Services reach new heights

Sydney-based electrical maintenance and repair specialist Allelec Services has enlisted the help of Toyota Material Handling Australia’s (TMHA) range of Huski Construction Equipment to maximise its business operations.

Since its beginning three decades ago, Allelec Services has provided electric maintenance and repair to commercial businesses such as supermarkets and shopping centres.

Roughly 18 months ago, Allelec director Alan Borland needed to upgrade his mini-excavator to a bigger unit, and landed on the Huski M-38U mini-exacavator with its 3.8-tonne capacity.

Mr Borland reached out to the local TMHA team led by area sales manager Peter Bower, choosing Huski Construction Equipment thanks to its excellent reputation for reliability.

“We were happy to run with the purchase of the Huski excavator”

“We were happy with the excavator then the opportunity came up with the scissor lift.”

Following the purchase of the Huski excavator, Mr Borland was impressed and added a Huski SV08ENL scissor lift to the fleet earlier in 2022.

“We had a smaller scissor lift but wanted the Huski one for the height – it’s a 26-footer – and its slimline design helps with accessing signage and things like that while still being manoeuvrable without a monstrous deck on it,” he said.

“The scissor lift is very handy, it’s a narrow unit but with the extra height, it’s been very good.

“We used it for lighting upgrade works at Macquarie shopping centre and for a new signage installation at Chipping Norton, so that’s been very versatile as well.”

Mr Borland said he enjoyed owning his own equipment as it allowed the business to be flexible and respond quickly to any issue, eliminating the need to find suitable contractors which can be costly and time consuming.

TMHA prides itself on offering excellent customer service by developing real relationships with clients. Huski Construction Equipment area sales manager Peter Bower helped establish a strong relationship with Allelec Services early on by assisting with the purchase process.

“There were a couple of little questions at the start when understanding the machine, I rang Peter about it,” Mr Borland said.

“Peter and his boss came straight out the following day and saw us straight away, helped us out and found out what the problem was and sorted it out. It was very immediate.”

Since becoming a TMHA customer in 2021, Mr Borland has been satisfied with the products and service provided, stating he would be more than happy to continue his patronage in the future.

“I’ve been super happy, no problems at all,” he said. “I wouldn’t have any hesitation getting something else off them. They’ve always responded to us straight away, so there have been no problems at all.”

Mr Borland even mentioned that he has begun recommending Huski products to friends and colleagues due to their excellent performance.

“I’ve mentioned to a few people about the Huski excavator, that I’m very happy about it,” he said. “I’d have no hesitation in recommending it.”

He also stated that Mr Bower would be his first port of call if Allelec ever wanted to add more equipment to its stable, due to the performance of the existing machines and the service provided.

Allelec Services is based in Kings Park, Sydney, and has been servicing businesses across New South Wales for the last 30 years.

Employing roughly 12 experts, the group specialises in maintenance and repair for large commercial operations such as supermarkets and shopping centre chains.

Allelec Services’ Huski M-38U mini-excavator in use on site.

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