Toyota Claims Top Position in MHD Magazine Forklift Survey

Australia's leading Materials Handling and Distribution (MHD) magazine launched their biannual Forklift Survey. The MHD magazine survey received the most amount of responses that it has ever received in its history of conducting this survey.

In outstanding news for Toyota Material Handling Australia (TMHA), Toyota forklifts secured the position of first forklift brand considered when planning to buy/lease.  Readers also voted Toyota in first position of most favourable opinion of all forklift manufacturers.


According to survey results the first brand that forklift users consider when planning to purchase or lease a forklift is Toyota. 60 per cent of respondents said Toyota is very favourable as a forklift truck manufacturer.

In 2018, Toyota celebrated its 50th anniversary celebrations for Toyota forklift sales in Australia, proving to be a legacy brand and on-going first choice amongst consumers as prior results also indicated Toyota as the first brand they would consider.

Cameron Paxton, Director of Sales, Toyota Material Handling Australia, previously has stated that Toyota Material Handling Australia (TMHA) are a technology leader in forklift safety and are particularly focused on automation. “Toyota’s massive ongoing investment in research and development means our material-handling technology and product technology is continually progressed and refined,” he says.

"Logistics companies are increasingly relying on their equipment suppliers to develop solutions for new high-density warehouses. This is an area where Toyota’s material handling engineers have access to the corporation’s automotive research and hence can take advantage of this ever-developing technology."


Read the full MHD magazine survey results here

Source: MHD Magazine July 2020 edition

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