Toyota Introduces Latest 8-Series Forklift

Toyota Material Handling Australia (TMHA) has released its newest addition to the 8-Series forklift range, the three-wheeled counterbalance battery-electric Toyota 8FBE.

The smallest counterbalance forklift in the Toyota range, the compact Toyota 8FBE has been introduced to meet the needs of customers who demand excellent manoeuvrability and efficiency and the highest safety standards.

The new Toyota 8FBE replaces the market-leading Toyota 7FBE and brings with it a number of key safety and operational features to make it safer, more efficient and more durable.

Improvements made to the System of Active Stability (SAS) include new Automatic Vehicle-Speed Control and Automatic Turn-Speed Control.

Automatic Vehicle-Speed Control manages the forklift's speed, acceleration and deceleration according to lift height and load weight, assisting with stability in transporting loads and preventing lost loads.

Automatic Turn-Speed Control regulates the forklift's turning speed according to lift height and weight as well as desired turning radius, providing stable turning and reducing the chance of a vehicle tip-over.

These all-new features join an already impressive list of standard safety and stability technology, including active mast front-tilt angle, active mast tilt speed control, automatic fork-levelling control and active steering synchroniser.

New motors and controllers in the Toyota 8FBE increase operating time by an outstanding 20 per cent in standard mode compared with the Toyota 7FBE*.

The Toyota 8FBE is water resistant equivalent to IPX4, allowing it to comfortably function outdoors without the risk of damage from splashing water. The ability to operate the Toyota 8FBE outdoors makes it one of the most versatile forklifts on the market.

TMHA national sales and product manager Dean Watson said the new 8FBE forklift suits a wide range of applications.

"Toyota has strategically designed the new 8FBE to be one of our most versatile forklifts yet. Our engineers have worked hard to ensure the latest addition to the 8-Series line-up lives up to the high standard set by the 7FBE, a long-time favourite of many of our customers," Mr Watson said.

"Our slogan for this model is 'Stronger for longer, inside and out', which sums it up well. With this model companies are able to take the 8FBE to more places, and put it to work all day without worrying if it gets a bit wet, or having to swap batteries mid-shift.

"As the smallest counterbalance forklift in our range it packs quite a punch in all aspects of operation, and we're very excited to see how it performs in the market," Mr Watson said.


The three-wheeled design boasts the same lateral stability as its four-wheeled counterparts, while the double rear tyres provide stable travel, turning and load handling as well as greater rated load capacity at high mast heights.

Ergonomic improvements include a large assist grip with a low and wide step for easy access.

An Operator Restraint System (ORS) Seat is standard, with 150mm of forward and backward adjustability for a comfortable operating posture.

A lattice-designed overhead guard provides excellent upward visibility, and optimal mast width and hose layout ensure unobstructed forward visibility. A small-diameter steering wheel and strategically placed display provide improved visibility of the fork tips.

An optional rear assist grip offers comfortable operation in reverse and the integrated horn button allows the operator to easily alert pedestrians of the forklift's presence. An optional rear-facing blue light is also available as a visual hazard warning.

A new optional shock sensor detects collision impact to the forklift and warns the operator by visual indicator and sound. Warnings are only able to be cleared by a manager, helping to prevent overly harsh operation.

For multi-operator uses, an optional PIN-code entry system prevents use by unauthorised persons and also allows keyless operation and registration of preferred settings for different operators.



*Comparison of operating times on Toyota operating cycle for 8FBE against 7FBE 1.5 tonne forklift models with same battery capacity. Assumes the forklift is operated in 55% of total working hours.

The new Toyota 8FBE 3 wheel battery powered counterbalance forklift

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