TMHA Expands Product Range With New Bravi Elevated Work Platforms

Toyota Material Handling Australia (TMHA) has broadened its extensive material handling product range by introducing a new range of versatile elevated work platforms.

The elevated work platforms (EWPs)  went on sale in August.

TMHA national brand manager Bob Walmsley said the new range of EWPs were originally planned as an extension to TMHA's rental fleet to enhance its goal of being a true 'one-stop shop' equipment provider.

"It was originally about broadening our rental product offering and responding to demands from our customers," Mr Walmsley said. "However, at the early stage of preparing our business plan we also saw real potential for these EWPs in our retail material handling equipment range as well. Introducing another complementary product like this really delivers on our philosophy of providing a 'solution for every pallet'."

The chosen EWPs are made by Italian company Bravi Platforms - the first non-Toyota product to be offered by TMHA. TMHA has an exclusive distributor agreement with Bravi and will be the sole importer into Australia providing full support for the product, including maintenance contracts.

"The decision to introduce these Bravi products here was made by TMHA senior management to meet the needs of the local market," Mr Walmsley said. Bravi currently supplies equipment to some Toyota dealers in Europe.

The Bravi EWPs were subjected to an extensive research and testing process to ensure they were up to Toyota's high standards.

"We wouldn't offer a product we weren't 100 per cent confident in, so we put the Bravi units through an extensive 12-month internal evaluation process to ensure they were up to Toyota's industry-leading standards while being well suited to local applications," Mr Walmsley said.

TMHA is distributing all six models of Bravi platforms and expects the three most popular will be the Sprint, with a 90kg material load capacity and maximum platform height of 3,350mm; the Leonardo HD, with 180kg platform capacity and platform height of 2,900mm; and the Lui 460, featuring a 280kg platform capacity and maximum platform height of 4,620mm.

The Bravi Sprint is expected to be the volume seller and is aimed at large retailers who need a fast and agile EWP solution in warehouses and on the shop floor. TMHA also expects the Sprint to appeal to commercial maintenance and building management operations for tasks including window cleaning, ceiling repairs and replacing light globes.

Mr Walmsley said the Bravi sprint has a number of unique features that set it apart from other products currently available.

"Unlike its competitors it has a single mast which is operated via an integral hydraulic cylinder. This removes the need for chains and linkages with fewer moving parts and no need for regular lubrication and maintenance.

"Another unique feature of the Sprint is that its load platform can be raised or lowered by the operator via an electric motor. This adjustment has to be done manually on competitors' similar products, which means taking the load off the platform before manually tilting and adjusting it - that's a huge inconvenience when you're in an elevated position," Mr Walmsley said.

At TMHA's request Bravi made a number of other changes to the standard specification to suit the local market. These include a safety feature that cuts the hydraulic lifting system if the interlocking gate is not closed correctly, operator platform service lock, and a recess added to the cover to enable it to be used for storage.

Other features of the Bravi Sprint include a high capacity, maintenance-free battery that can provide up to 30km travel with a single charge and six monthly service intervals.

Bravi Sprint is the ideal solution for those who want to take the most advantage of space

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