Sepserve Sets Up For the Future with Toyota Huski

A Victorian waste water management services contractor recently purchased a versatile Toyota Huski skid-steer loader that is already helping to set the company up for future growth. 

Sepserve took delivery of its Toyota Huski 5SDK5 skid-steer loader complete with a range of accessories that include a 4-in-1 bucket, digga trencher, pallet forks, spreader bar and rippers.

Sepserve owner Peter Fowler said the new Huski skid-steer loader has made light work of its primary task of digging waste water service trenches in a region of Victoria taking in Bendigo, Ballarat and the Macedon Ranges.

"The Huski does the job effortlessly," Mr Fowler said. "It's the best option for us by far. It's bigger, more powerful and does a much better job, and does it much faster, than the stand-on mini loader we had previously."

Toyota's Huski 5SDK5 skid-steer loader has a 430kg operating capacity and enough power to do the job of a larger machine while being small and agile enough to fit in confined spaces. Its range of features include a self-levelling system, suspension seat, comprehensive safety measures and generous operator comfort.

While its new Huski excels at its main role, the range of uses Sepserve can put it to was a key attraction for Mr Fowler.

"When it came time to upgrade our previous machine we knew we needed the replacement to be able to do a number of things for us. For example, we wanted to be able to use it as a forklift to help move things around at our head office.

"The range of accessories we were able to purchase with the Huski were just what we needed. Now, after digging a 300-400 metre waste water trench we can disconnect the digga and quickly put the bucket or the forks on to carry out another task," he said.

"There's no comparison with what we used to have. The comfort and ergonomics of the Huski are great too. The fact you can sit down comfortably and with good visibility while you work is a huge thing for us - no more aching knees and feet!

"The increased capacity and efficiency of the Huski means we can complete jobs faster, more efficiently and with less labour. This in turn will enable us to take on bigger and better jobs: it really sets us up for the future."

Toyota Material Handling Australia Victoria area sales manager - skid steer Thomas Machar said Sepserve's application is an ideal example of the versatility of Toyota's Huski skid-steer range.

"All the accessories for our Huskis are provided by Australian manufacturers, and as with the case of Sepserve they really make our range of skid-steer loaders a versatile piece of equipment that provides value for money and improves our customers' productivity."

The high level of customer service and backup provided by TMHA's national factory-owned network was made apparent to Mr Fowler from the outset.

"The Huski and all the equipment arrived on time. Thomas from the TMHA branch made the time to come out to our site - about a 3.5 hour drive - to deliver the ramps so we could get to work that afternoon.

"Not everyone would have done that and it was really appreciated given it was a hectic time just before Christmas when we were really busy. The service we've received from Thomas and the TMHA team has been exceptional. He answered all my questions and thoroughly explained the features of the Huski range and the options available to us. 

"The Huski recently had its first service and I really can't fault the after-sales backup we've received," Mr Fowler said.

Sepserve provides a wide range of waste water management services, including supplying, installing, servicing and maintaining septic treatment systems and designing and installing irrigation systems.

For more information on the full Toyota Huski skid-steer range go to

Sepserve owner Peter Fowler with his new Toyota Huski 5SDK5 skid-steer loader.

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