DSI Underground Moves Ahead With Toyota Forklifts

A manufacturer and supplier of specialist components for the mining sector has returned to using Toyota forklifts and reach trucks at its factory and warehouse in New South Wales' Hunter Valley.

DSI Underground purchasing officer Jeffrey Prest said after using forklifts from another maker for a number of years it was good to be back with a proven brand like Toyota.

"Toyota is a trusted and well-respected forklift brand and we're very happy to be running a Toyota forklift fleet again," he said.

DSI Underground has a range of Toyota forklift equipment, including four-wheel battery-electric and internal combustion counterbalance forklifts in payload capacities from 2.5 to 7-tonnes, and three Toyota BT Reach Trucks.

"The feedback from the forklift operators is positive too. They often comment on the fact that the Toyotas offer a much smoother ride than our previous forklifts. That's an important factor when you're driving on a rough surface all day."

Mr Prest said the service and support offered by the team at the Toyota Material Handling Australia branch at nearby Beresfield has been another advantage of returning to Toyota.

"I know I can call Allan Peacock (TMHA area sales manager) at our local branch at any time and he and the team are always ready and available to help."

DSI Underground's smaller battery-electric Toyota forklifts and reach trucks are used for light duties in its factory and warehouse. Its three- to five-tonne payload forklifts are used to load and unload containers, while its heavy-duty 7-tonne payload forklifts have the capacity to move containers around the site.

The heavy duty forklifts come with Toyota's independent fork positioning feature that enables adjustments to be made to the width of the forks from the driver's seat.

"That's a really good feature to have," Mr Prest says. "Apart from being faster and more convenient for the operator it also lessens the risk of injury that could be caused if the adjustment needed to be made manually."

Mr Peacock said DSI Underground's forklift fleet is also protected and its efficiency monitored by Toyota's I_Site fleet management system.

"Toyota's forklift fleet management software contains security features including a personalised PIN code access to each forklift, and it monitors the forklift fleet to give a snapshot of the business' forklift productivity.

"This information can then identify under-utilised forklifts, upskilling needs opportunities for particular operators or where there may be bottlenecks in the operation."

DSI Underground is Australia's largest manufacturer and supplier of specialist strata reinforcement and support products to the mining sectors. It is also a major exporter of these products to the Asia-Pacific Region.

DSI Underground purchasing officer Jeffrey Prest (right) and logistics manager Wayne Ward (left) with TMHA area sales manager Allan Peacock.

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