Toyota The Premier Forklift For Fresh Produce Supplier

One of Australia's largest fresh produce companies relies on a fleet of 60 Toyota forklifts located across central markets and its warehouses in all five mainland capitals.

Premier Fruits Group is one of only a few vertically integrated companies in Australia with a supply chain that spans from farm to retailer, including packing, transport and distribution, warehousing, cold storage, value-adding and marketing, and has developed into an industry leader managing categories within the fresh produce sector both in Australia and internationally.

Toyota Material Handling Australia (TMHA) uses the resources of its national branch network to supply and service the company's fleet of Toyota rental forklifts at the central markets in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth.

Almost all of Premier Fruits Group's fleet consists of 1.8-tonne payload Toyota 8FG18 forklifts, the favoured forklift in produce markets nationally. The company also uses Toyota BT powered pallet movers.

The 8FG18 forklift combines Toyota's industry leading safety features with ease of operation and high reliability, productivity, durability and efficiency.

Premier Fruits Group co-founder and director Joe Petroro praised the reliability of his forklifts and the back-up he receives from Toyota.

"We're very happy with the service and support we get from Toyota in the central markets and at our warehouses," he said.

"We have always had a good relationship with Toyota and that continues with (Melbourne area sales manager) Scott Bocksette.

"Fresh produce is an industry where certain things have to be done yesterday, so to speak. Breakdowns have to be sorted as quickly and efficiently as possible so you have the required number of forklifts for the job.

"Toyota has always been very good for us in that regard."  

Scott Bocksette said TMHA has had a relationship with Premier Fruits Group for more than 15 years.

"Their use of rental forklifts provides flexibility and allows Premier Fruits Group to concentrate on its business strengths," he said.

"Their forklifts in the central markets are all serviced by our on-site technicians, while mobile service vans from our branches service the forklifts at the company's warehouses. We attend to all their forklift requirements."

Mr Bocksette said Toyota 8FG18 forklifts make up nearly all of the Premier Fruits Group's forklift fleet. 

"Toyota forklifts are renowned as being the best forklifts on the market. The gas-powered Toyota 8FG18 is the number one forklift in Australia according to the latest sales statistics and is hugely popular among customers and operators in produce markets.

"Put an operator on something else and they'll gravitate back to the Toyota," he said.

Toyota's award-winning 8-Series forklift range includes internal combustion and battery electric models, with payloads of up to eight tonnes for IC models.

The 8-Series forklifts offer superior operator comfort thanks to features like the fully-adjustable Operator Restraint Suspension seat with lumbar support and a spacious operator compartment that provides excellent forward visibility.

Safety and stability is covered on all 8-Series forklifts by Toyota's exclusive System of Active Stability (SAS) which includes the advanced Active Swing Lock Cylinder to help improve forklift stability and reduce the potential for tip-overs, and the exclusive Operator Presence System (OPS) that prevents the forklift from being used if the operator is not seated correctly.

Premier Fruits Group co-founder Joe Petroro with his Toyota forklift

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