Toyota Introduces New 8-Series Reach Forklifts

Toyota Material Handling Australia (TMHA) has introduced a new range of narrow aisle battery-electric reach forklift trucks that provide safe, reliable and comfortable operation for a range of applications.

The 8FBRE Series models add to Toyota's range of 8-Series counterbalance battery-electric and internal combustion engine forklifts. Lifting capacities range from 1.2 to 1.6 tonnes with a maximum lift height of 8.5 metres.

TMHA national sales and product manager Jim Lobow said the new 8FBRE Series reach trucks provide a versatile option for companies looking for a simple, practical reach forklift that gets the job done safely and efficiently.

"Many of our customers carry out a range of tasks over the course of their working day. We see this new range of reach trucks being well suited to small to medium sized businesses who would typically use the forklift during a single shift operation," Mr Lobow said.

"Some of the key features include the degree of control on offer and the fast and smooth operation. All fork movements are made via easy-to-use fingertip control levers, the pedal layout is similar to what you'd find in a car, and the electronically controlled 180 degree or 360 degree steering provides easy and precise manoeuvrability."

Mr Lobow said another key advantage of the new 8FBRE Series reach forklift is the degree of adjustability and customisation available to operators.

"Ergonomically sound design is the basis for good operator performance," he said.

"The seat and steering console are fully adjustable by the operator, and the height of the cab floor can also be adjusted to three different positions if required," he said.
"Operators can also customise the settings for maximum speed and acceleration, automatic braking and steering sensitivity."

As with all Toyota forklifts, the new 8FBRE Series includes a number of important safety features as standard, including PIN-code start-up, automatic parking brake, clear view mast and overhead guard, tilting forks (available as an option) emergency cut-off and electronic speed control.

"Another feature is the regenerative braking technology that transfers brake energy back into the battery to provide extended run times between charging and help reduce operating costs," Mr Lobow said.

The new Toyota 8FBRE reach forklift

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