Toyota Launches Versatile BT O-Series Reach Truck

Toyota Material Handling Australia (TMHA) has launched a new versatile reach truck designed to operate on outdoor surfaces.

The new BT Reflex O-Series Reach Truck has a ground clearance of 145mm and super-elastic tyres.

The increased ground clearance means it can operate on rugged, loose surfaces while the specialist tyres provide secure grip on wet or high-temperature asphalt.

TMHA's BT & Raymond national sales and product manager, Dean Watson, said the new BT Reflex O-Series RRE160R adds a new dimension to reach-truck capability.

"It combines the space-saving benefits of a narrow-aisle reach truck with the indoor/outdoor flexibility of a rubber-tyred counter-balance forklift," he said.

"The RRE160R will give customers maximum flexibility, increase productivity and help reduce costs.

"Potential buyers include hardware and garden stores, construction companies, dairy and farm producers, and warehouse operators."

Mr Watson said the BT RRE160R model continues to offer top-level handling performance when working as a traditional reach truck in racking systems.

"It is based on the class-leading BT Reflex R-Series model, with the wheel and gearbox configuration adapted to allow for effective work on outdoor surfaces.

"It has a payload capacity of 1600kg and lift heights up to 7500mm.

"Special features include BT's unique Transitional Lift Control (TLC) system for fast, secure working at height and an advanced driver cab with the BT 'total view' concept.

"The RRE160R also has powerful AC electric motors and 360-degree steering."



The new BT O-Series Reach Truck

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