Natures Organics Goes Back to the Future with Toyota Forklifts

A family-owned Australian company is benefiting from its return to a fleet of Toyota forklifts.

Melbourne-based Natures Organics took delivery of 12 new 1.8-tonne and 2.5-tonne payload Toyota 32-8FG18 and 32-8FG25 forklift trucks in August, replacing a fleet of rental units from another manufacturer that had been in service for five years.

Prior to using the rental fleet, Natures Organics had used Toyota forklifts.

"We are glad to go back to Toyota forklifts for the reliability and versatility," Warehouse Manager Steven Nadj said.

"Regular monthly servicing and strong after-sales support means our forklift fleet will rarely be out of service.

"We also wanted to deal directly with the manufacturer/supplier and not go through an agent."

Mr Nadj said the forklifts have all been modified to accommodate narrow drive-in racking.

Natures Organics' Toyota forklift fleet is used to load and unload pallets of its range of over 40 products, encompassing laundry, dishwashing, household cleaning, skin and haircare products that are available in major supermarket chains throughout Australia and internationally.

Toyota Material Handling Australia (TMHA) offers a comprehensive range of Toyota internal combustion and battery electric counter-balance forklifts, as well as BT Lift Truck and Raymond warehouse equipment.

It can therefore provide a one-stop shop for material handling needs.

Natures Organics is an industry leader with a skilled workforce of 130 employees dedicated to creating and producing sustainable product alternatives.

The use of quality environmentally responsible formulations, persistence in finding natural alternatives to chemical ingredients, ongoing investment in research and development and a firm belief in sustainable packaging has seen Natures Organics grow to produce around 40 million units a year.

A Toyota forklift in action at Natures Organics warehouse

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