Toyota Number One In Forklift Survey

Toyota forklift trucks have been ranked first on five key measures in a recent national survey of forklift users*.

Toyota was number one for quality, value, productivity, low cost of ownership and safety.

Research company Salmat Customer Contact Solutions conducted a telephone survey by interviewing 150 Australian forklift owners and operators, currently using or having had previously used a wide range of forklift truck brands.

Three out of five survey respondents consistently ranked Toyota as their first choice on the five criteria.

Toyota was the first choice for quality with 63 per cent of respondents selecting Toyota first as the quality leader.

On both productivity and value, Toyota was ranked number one by 59 per cent of those surveyed.

Toyota also scored highly for safety, achieving first place with 63 per cent.

On the critical measure of low cost of ownership, once again Toyota forklifts was ranked first with 60 per cent choosing Toyota for lowest cost of ownership.

Toyota Material Handling Australia (TMHA) Chief Operating Officer Steve Takacs said he was especially pleased to see Toyota ranked so highly on low cost of ownership.

"It is the measure our customers use in their business models and provides a true picture of their whole-of-life investment in a forklift truck," he said.

"It includes factors such as acquisition cost, depreciation, insurance, fuel or energy in the case of battery electric models, downtime, maintenance and repairs.

"This is the key factor we at TMHA strive to deliver in all our products and services, as well as Toyota's industry-leading quality and value."


*Australian Forklift Survey conducted by Salmat Customer Contact Solutions on behalf of Toyota Material Handling Australia Pty Ltd in January - June 2012

Toyota Number One In Forklift Survey

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