Toyota Launches New Range of 8FB Forklifts

Toyota Material Handling Australia (TMHA) has launched a new range of 1.5 to 3 tonne rated capacity four-wheel counter-balance battery electric forklifts.

The new energy efficient Toyota 8FBN series forklift meets customer demands for longer operating times between charges. It also offers improved safety and environmental performance, reduced operator fatigue, increased durability and water resistance.

There are five 8FBN models, ranging from 1.5 to 3 tonne rated capacity at 500mm load centres with a choice of masts, hydraulic controls and attachments. A number of accessories are available, as well as a cold storage pack for operating at minus 45 degrees Celsius and a corrosion-protection pack.

TMHA's national product manager for Toyota electric forklifts, Jim Lobow, said the new 8FBN forklift range offered improved run times and higher performance for increased productivity, efficiency and safety.

"The 8FBN forklift series has a new AC power system, more efficient motors and controllers, improved layout of equipment and an all-new pedal-stroke detection regenerative brake system," he said.

"Pedal-stroke regenerative braking allows the new Toyota 8FBN forklift models to improve the efficiency of energy recovery, thereby increasing operating times.

"The regenerative-brake ratio during braking is adjusted according to the percentage of the brake pedal stroke.

"The bottom line from these improvements is an approximate five per cent improvement in operating times over the highly regarded 7FB series models," he added.

Mr Lobow said the new 8FBN forklift models offered a range of attractive features for both operator and management in addition to the extended operating times.

"The biggest single advance over the equivalent 7FB series could well be the automatic turn-speed control," he said.

"The new system combines lift-height and load-weight-sensing along with turn-speed control automatically limiting the forklift's speed when turning - according to the state of the vehicle."

Toyota Launches New Range of 8FB Forklifts

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