Toyota Launches New 7000 Series Reach Forklifts

Toyota Material Handling Australia (TMHA) is answering the demands of cost and environmentally-conscious operators with the release its new Raymond 7000 Series Reach forklifts..

Raymond's new stand-up 7500 and sit/stand 7700 forklifts, which supersede the 7400 and 7600 models, introduce a host of new features headlined by innovative new "Eco-Performance" benefits..

"Eco-Performance means performance without compromise," said TMHA brand manager Mr Dean Watson.

"The new Raymond 7000 Series Reach forklifts provide the latest in economic and ecologic technologies, so your warehouse not only saves power - it actually creates power, while lowering costs and increasing productivity."

"The 7000 Series regenerative braking saves energy and reduces component wear. All high capacity 7000 Series models offer regenerative lowering technology (optional on other models) that actually creates power, as up to 10% of the amps are returned back to the battery when the truck is lowering its load."

"This means less battery changes and reduced downtime."

"Additionally, Raymond's AC motors, unlike DC-powered trucks, deliver the same level of performance until the battery wears down with considerably less maintenance requirements," Mr Watson said.

Other highlights of the new 7000 Series include low maintenance electric steering and braking, Raymond's exclusive steered idler wheel, single axis control handle with a natural 'shake hands' configuration, and an open view mast, which offers superior visibility during operation.

The 7000 Series' base legs, now fabricated from composite ductile iron, are mounted to the chassis via eight bolts and two integral studs.

This allows them to absorb stress far better than base legs with welded joints.

"Raymond's innovative design features represent a considerable step-up and the 7000 Series reach forklifts would bring significant benefit to any workplace," Mr Watson said.

Toyota Launches New 7000 Series Reach Forklifts

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