Trainer Endorses Toyota Refurbished Forklilifts

A progressive Sydney operator training school has praised the quality and value-for-money of company-refurbished Toyota forklifts.

Ultimate Driving School commissioned a refurbished 1.5-tonne payload Toyota 6FG15 forklift in June to use at its training facility in Smithfield, NSW.

Company principal Claude Baseotto said the machine - fully refurbished at Toyota Material Handling's Moorebank workshop - was excellent value for money and ideal for training purposes.

"When you're teaching clients to operate a forklift safely, you're interested in ease of operation and reliability above all else," he said.

"In the training situation and with limited hours of operation, we don't need a new machine - so the refurbished Toyota forklift represented good value.

"I could have bought a second-hand machine through the classified advertisements, but I'd heard good reports about the refurbished machines and it was better to buy from a maker with a good reputation.

"It was the best solution and it does the job well."

Mr Baseotto said he has owned Toyota products for most of his working life and his daily drive is a Toyota HiLux.

"I like Toyota. It makes very reliable cars, commercial vehicles and forklifts," he said.

"The forklifts, like all Toyotas, are easy to operate in comparison with some others and easy to service."

Mr Baseotto founded Ultimate Driving School in 2004.

The company has two forklifts and a skid-steer loader at its Smithfield training facility. It also has a back hoe, front-end loader, three trucks and a trailer.

Trainer Endorses Toyota Refurbished Forklilifts

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