Toyota Launches New 6–8 tonne Forklift Range

Toyota has launched a new range of 6-8 tonne capacity forklifts with industry-leading safety features.

The new Toyota 7-Series forklift range has the Toyota System of Active Stability (SAS) incorporating the active mast function controller and tilt levelling as standard equipment - a first for a forklift in this capacity range.

The new Toyota 7 Series has a 3 way closed loop catalytic muffler system, a double action hand operated park brake, neutral start safety switch and a memory tilt steering column. In addition, low wide entry steps with dual operator assist grips, low noise emissions and a high visibility overhead guard are all part of the standard offering.

The new Toyota 7-Series forklifts comprise 3 Models the 7FGU60, 7FGU70 and 7FGU80 Models in 6000kg, 7000kg and 8000kg capacities that replace the current 5-Series models.

The 7-Series forklift models are built at Toyota manufacturing facilities in the US, further increasing Toyota Material Handling Australia's (TMHA's) diversity of forklift sources.

The company's comprehensive range of material handling equipment includes Toyota forklifts from Japan, BT Lift Trucks from Sweden and Raymond forklifts from the US.

TMHA's Toyota Product brand manager, Jim Lobow, said the new 7-Series forklifts range 7FG/DU60, 7FG/DU70 and 7FGU80/7FDU80 offer Two power plants - a reliable 4.3-litre 66KW overhead valve,V6 engine designed for LPG and Dual fuel systems or Toyota's advanced 5.2 Litre 63KW OHV inline six-cylinder diesel engine," he said.

"Both are matched to an automatic transmission with two-stator torque converter and electric shifter that delivers exceptional handling and smooth acceleration.

"An optional EZ pedal allows operators to change direction while leaving both hands free for steering and working the hydraulic controls.

"Optimal comfort and ease of operation has been maximised through Toyota's highly responsive Centralised Hydraulic Power-assist System (CHPS), which controls tilt, lift, attachment, steering and braking functions with a simple and reliable single-pump design.

"Full hydrostatic power steering provides precise control for greater manoeuvrability and reduced operator fatigue."

In addition, SAS offers automatic fork levelling at the press of a button on the mast-control tilt lever.

The operator can therefore work more efficiently and confidently, with less chance of damage to loads and storage racks.


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Toyota Launches New 6–8 tonne Forklift Range

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