TMH Stacker Ticks Safety Boxes

Toyota Material Handling Australia (TMHA) has relaunched its popular Raymond brand RAS-S25 pedestrian stacker range with the emphasis on safety in the warehouse.

The RAS-S25's combination of optimum manoeuvrability in confined spaces and adjustable legs makes it ideal for storage areas in miscellaneous retail stores.

It is also extremely suitable for use within the food and related industries, and indoor warehouse environments.

Key safety features of the RAS-S25 stacker include Click-to-Creep, electric brake, hill-start assist/roll-back protection, and the security of password-only operation.

The RAS-S25 stacker has a nominal capacity of 1136kg and a 3.6m maximum operating height. Its legs are adjustable from 890mm to 1295mm width, to suit a variety of pallet sizes and operating conditions.

The RAS-S25 is part of TMHA's comprehensive range of warehousing equipment solutions, encompassing the biggest range of material handling products available to Australian customers.

The Warehouse Equipment brand manager at TMHA, Dean Watson, said the RAS-S25 had the edge in manoeuvrability and safety.

"The RAS-S25 has the Click-to-Creep feature when the control tiller is vertical," he said.

"It provides manoeuvrability at reduced speed in confined areas with a 180-degree steering angle, and the operator can use either hand to drive the truck."

The RAS-S25 also has superior braking control, with the exclusive anti-roll brake system.

With roll-back protection, the truck can be parked on a ramp or the tiller can be pulled down, but there is no movement until the throttle control is engaged.

"In addition, the RAS-S25 has password protection with a keypad on the tiller handle rather than a key. It's an excellent security/anti-theft device and ensures compliance with OH&S requirements," Mr Watson said.

Performance of the RAS-S25 can be customised to suit the customer and the individual operator, with adjustable travel speed up to a maximum loaded speed of 5.4km/h and an adjustable acceleration rate.

Programmable regenerative braking provides smooth stops and recovers energy.

The tiller handle has an ergonomic design for increased ease of use, operator comfort and productivity.

There is an in-built display for battery discharge indicator, hour meter, lift interrupt and error codes.

The RAS-S25's auto power-off feature saves battery energy, by sensing when the truck is not in operation and shutting it down.

The RAS-S25 pedestrian stacker also has static torque control, so it can manoeuvre over obstacles on the floor.

The static torque feature senses when the motor is applying high torque and moving slowly. It deduces that the truck has met an obstacle - so it applies the correct amount of torque to climb over the obstacle at a smooth, controlled speed.

TMHA's RAS-S25 stacker is available with a maintenance-free Champion battery and in-built charger.

TMH Stacker Ticks Safety Boxes

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