Hunter Bottling Extends Toyota Forklift Tradition

A leading wine bottling operation has extended its 28-year partnership with Toyota forklift trucks by commissioning five new machines.

NSW-based Hunter Bottling Company commissioned the five new 3000-kilogram (nominal payload) Toyota 32-8FGK30 forklifts at its Pokolbin facility at the end of June 2009 - and says they are still going strong, without one hitch to date.

They take the Group's forklift fleet to 13 Toyota machines.

Hunter Bottling Company general manager Russell Smith said the latest-generation Toyota 8-Series forklifts with electronic gas injection and three-way closed-loop catalytic converters meant the company had switched from battery electric to internal combustion forklifts inside the bottling warehouse facility.

"Our parent company bought its first Toyota forklift in 1982 and it is still running today," Russell Smith said.

"We've used Toyota ever since - both electric and gas - because they're just great forklifts. We've had one forklift for 20 years," he said.

"Everything is there in the product - they're reliable, long-lasting and they do the job they're intended for.

"As well as the product quality, Toyota Material Handling's service department provides back-up support that is second to none."

Mr Smith said the five new Toyota forklifts had been custom-specified for the company's requirements - including individual PIN access for each operator and seatbelt interlock.

"Safety is a priority in this facility as we have people and forklifts working together around the bottling lines," he said.

The company chose the Toyota 32-8FGK30 compact forklift model for its combination of lifting capacity and ability to work in a tight warehouse environment.

"More than a year has passed and the forklifts are going strong - not one hitch to date," Mr Smith said. "We are more than pleased with their performance - but we knew we would be."

TMH (Newcastle) area sales manager Brad Hawkins said the five new forklifts have 3700mm full free-lift masts to be used in the low overhead clearance areas such as the de-palletising area - where free lift is essential - but the two-stage mast also maximises forward vision.

"The forklifts are Toyota deluxe model specification with three-way closed-loop catalytic converter system and EFI engines," Mr Hawkins said.

"They're specified with Toyota's deluxe multi-function display and travel and load-handling control, including load weight indicator, speed limiting and a speed alarm.

"PIN code access and a seatbelt interlock ensure that only approved employees can operate the units."

The 32-8FGK30 forklift is part of Toyota's leading edge 8-Series range of forklifts.

Safety features of the Toyota 8-Series forklift range include Toyota's exclusive System of Active Stability (SAS) and Operator Presence Sensing (OPS) as standard features.

Hunter Bottling Extends Toyota Forklift Tradition

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