Norske Skog Albury Mill Re-equips With Toyota Forklifts

A major paper manufacturer has commissioned 11 new Toyota forklifts at its Albury paper mill.

The Norske Skog Albury Mill bought the new Toyota forklifts as part of an extensive materials handling equipment upgrade.

Key factors in the purchase decision were cost-effectiveness of the Toyota forklifts and the ability of the Toyota product range to meet specialist operating requirements in the plant.

The 11 Toyota forklifts, plus one BT Lift Truck and two more specialised pieces of equipment, were supplied by Toyota Material Handling's (TMH) recently established Albury branch.

Norske Skog procurement officer Paul Dwyer said the Albury mill has used Toyota forklifts for the last seven years.

"We reviewed the performance of our existing Toyota forklifts and we were happy to upgrade to new Toyota forklifts for most of the site," he said.

"The new forklifts are 2.5 tonne, 3 tonne and 4 tonne payload models, some with bale clamps and others with roll clamps.

"We had a specific requirement for compact forklifts and the 3 tonne payload Toyota 32-8FGK30 compact forklift model met that need.

"Those forklifts have to operate in confined areas within the plant and fit inside the stores lift on the operating floor.
"The Toyota product range also meant we could buy battery-electric forklifts from the same supplier, to use in areas of the plant where we need to avoid a build-up of exhaust fumes."

Mr Dwyer said Toyota previously serviced the Albury mill from its TMH Queanbeyan branch, but now has service support just minutes away at the Albury/Wodonga branch - a major advantage for the 24/7 manufacturing operation.

TMH Albury/Wodonga branch manager Gareth Conlan said the contract to re-equip the Norske Skog plant highlighted the depth and versatility of the Toyota forklift product range.

"Toyota's counter-balance forklift range met most needs within the plant, and the full TMH product range means we could also supply the BT Lift Truck," he said.

"In addition, our branch has supplied and will service two highly specialised units for the mill."

The new Toyota forklifts at the Norske Skog Albury mill are two 7 tonne payload forklifts, a 7-FDU70 and 5-FD70, a 4 tonne payload 02-7FG40, three 2.5 tonne payload 32-8FG25 models, three compact 32-8FGK30 forklifts, and two battery electric forklifts - a 6FBRE16 and a 7FBE20.

The BT Lift Truck is a 2 tonne payload Levio LSE200 electric pallet truck.

The Norske Skog Albury mill commenced production in 1981 and ranks among the leading newsprint production facilities in the world.

Its annual production capacity of around 274,000 tonnes represents about 40 per cent of the newsprint and related grades used in Australia each year.

The mill utilises up to 35 per cent recycled fibre, which is produced in Australia's first large-scale newsprint de-inking plant at the Albury site.

The new Toyota forklifts at the Norske Skog mill

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