Transport Operator Reaps Toyota Forklift Benefits

A major Perth-based transport company has improved important aspects of its operations since making the switch to Toyota forklifts in 2011.

Family-owned Warners Transport specialises in small to large scale transport and warehousing services for a wide variety of clients across many different industries, including the booming West Australian mining sector.

Last year the company invested in a fleet of new Toyota forklifts and reach trucks to replace those of another brand and immediately reaped the benefits, according to co-owner Shane Warner.

"We put the forklifts through a lot of hard work and they are extremely reliable and easy to operate - overall they're a real step-up for our day-to-day operations," Mr Warner said.

"Toyota forklifts have a reputation for the best quality in the industry, and that was an important factor to us as durability over a 10-year period is an absolute must."

Warners Transport acquired four 32-8FG25 forklifts and one 32-8FG30 with container masts to meet the demands of its busy Welshpool warehouse, where forklift operators each move between five to 20 containers per day.

Mr Warner said the safety features and running performance of the Toyota forklifts made the large workload more manageable.

"My operators have told me the machines are quieter and more comfortable to use with easier controls than those we previously used," he said.

"They are also better balanced and more stable when cornering, which is very important when carting such heavy loads."

A high level of service and support also ensured the forklifts remained in optimal running condition, Mr Warner added.

"Toyota drew up a service schedule and they are in contact with us all the time to make sure the units perform properly," he said.

"A mechanic can also be here in an hour or two if we ever have a problem."

Tony Walther, Toyota Material Handling Australia's Perth branch major accounts manager, said Toyota's 8FG forklifts were the ideal choice for any warehouse environment.

"Toyota 8FG forklifts enable businesses to move large cargo safely, efficiently and comfortably," he said.

"Features such as Toyota's System of Active Stability (SAS) for safe manoeuvring and Operator Presence Sensing (OPS), which prevents accidental movement, provide peace of mind for operators and managers.

"In addition, SAS Automatic Fork Levelling Control, ergonomic controls and smooth, quiet operation from Toyota's exclusive 2237cc 4Y petrol engines can greatly improve workplace operations as Warners has found," Mr Walther added.

Transport Operator Reaps Toyota Forklift Benefits

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